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P2P loans overdue Alipay, WeChat wallet or will be frozen

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What are the consequences of overdue online loans? In addition to freezing bank cards and restricting travel, at present,Multi network loan disposal process shows that the arrears of Alipay, WeChat wallet may also be frozen.Recently, Guo Shuqing, chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said in an interview with CCTV and other media that the special rectification work of online loans will be basically completed by the end of the year and will be transferred to routine supervision. With the deadline approaching, collection as an important link, local public security organs have tried to use some new measures.


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Reporter: Yu Han

Overdue Borrower

Alipay or frozen

At present, the main means of punishing the dishonest is "the order of limiting height". Restrictions on high consumption include not buying a house, buying a car, not flying, taking high-speed rail, not staying in star hotels, not going to high-end places to spend, not traveling, and not going to private schools for children.

For the overdue borrowers of online lending institutions, most of them were recovered by the online lending platform. With many online loan institutions being put on file for investigation, in order to speed up the resolution of the stock of online loan risk, crack down on malicious evasion and cancellation of debt. According to the relevant notices issued by the public security organs in many places, the public security departments are already involved in the collection work of some platforms.

In May this year, the public security organs of Hangzhou Xihu District began to issue collection messages to borrowers who were seriously overdue. The short message indicates that the online loan previously applied by the borrower has been included in the online loan collection platform, prompting overdue borrowers to pay attention to the small program platform of "Xihu investment and communication" for querying overdue information and repayment. The small program platform is provided by the financial work class of Hangzhou Xihu District.

It is understood that Xihu District of Hangzhou city has also set up a "special account for financial risk prevention and resolution". Overdue borrowers should repay through the "special account for financial risk prevention and resolution". Later, the overdue borrower said that his Alipay account had been frozen, "can not pay, and can not buy things on Taobao."

On September 25, the borrower borrowed money from Beijing public security networkcomplaintSubsequently, the financial work coordination section of Dongcheng District Financial Service Office replied that at present, aiqianjin platform has been filed for investigation by Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau,complaintA person may report a case to the public security department with relevant evidence.

According to the monitoring of net loan eye eye platform, in view of the long overdue money lending APP "money station" old Lai, from the beginning of September, Beijing public security departments in addition to freezing bank cards, Alipay was also included in the freeze range. On September 15, some overdue borrowers reported that the "money station" had begun to freeze the relevant fund accounts of overdue borrowers.

More efforts have been made to rectify the evasion and abolition of debts

The reporter of Bank of China Insurance News learned that since 2018, more than 400 special risk management classes have been set up across the country to strengthen the control of high-risk institutions. All efforts should be made to recover the stolen goods and damage, and to arrest the fleeing personnel, so as to pursue and pay as much as possible. In order to strengthen the dynamic monitoring and penetrating supervision of online lending institutions, relevant departments have also built a real-time data access system to realize full and real-time access to detailed data such as product information, creditor's rights information and transaction flow of online lending institutions.

According to the civil procedure law, the people's court has the right to inquire about the deposits, bonds, stocks, fund shares and other property of the person subjected to execution if he fails to fulfill the obligations specified in the legal documents according to the execution notice. The people's court has the power to detain, freeze, transfer or change the value of the property of the person subjected to execution according to different circumstances.

Insiders pointed out that at present, Alipay, WeChat wallet and other network payment App has been included in the national network implementation of the check and control system. After the executive judge queries the funds of the network account of the executed person through the network inspection and control system according to law, he can freeze and deduct the account funds directly online without the approval of the payment platform.

This means that if a borrower is judged to be a dishonest person, his bank and financial accounts may be frozen or even deducted directly. In addition, Internet financial accounts such as Alipay and WeChat wallet will be linked.

At the same time, if the court wants to freeze the fund account number of the dishonest person, it has generally gone through the whole process of court judgment and enforcement, including the four steps of the defendant responding to the lawsuit, the court judgment, the defendant refusing to perform and the plaintiff applying for compulsory execution. At the same time, beyond 60 days after the service of the enforcement notice, the court will enforce the enforcement according to law.

A lawyer told the Bank of China Insurance News that in some collection cases, irrational actions such as group rights protection and violence protection are often accompanied. Such actions not only affect the social order, but also endanger the personal and property safety of citizens. The involvement of judicial and public security organs in collection collection not only has the attribute of law enforcement, but also has the multiple attributes of maintaining social morality, protecting social order and implementing social policies, which is in line with the trend of credit reporting system construction.

Risk management of online loan enters the final stage

According to the latest P2P network lending statistics released by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, as of the end of August this year, there were 15 online lending institutions operating in China, down 99% compared with the beginning of 2019, loan balance decreased by 84%, lenders decreased by 88%, borrowers decreased by 73%, and the number of online lending institutions, number of participants and loan scale had declined for 26 consecutive months.

In addition, according to incomplete statistics by the Bank of China Insurance News, 24 provinces and cities, including Sichuan, Henan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hubei, Shandong, Hunan, Xinjiang, Tianjin, Guizhou, Ningxia, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Yunnan, Liaoning, Gansu, Shanxi, Dalian, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Jilin and Heilongjiang have announced the withdrawal of P2P online lending institutions.

With the online loan rectification entering the final moment, Feng Yan, deputy director of the Inclusive Finance Department of the cbcirc, stressed that the next step is to strengthen the crackdown on borrowers' malicious debt evasion and cancellation. At present, more than 200 online lending institutions have access to the central bank's credit reference system and the credit reference system of 100 banks. Supervision will accelerate the promotion of online credit information and improve the joint punishment mechanism for dishonest borrowers.

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