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Disassembly report: Huawei WiFi 3

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Nowadays, when you are away from home, what you fear most is that your mobile phone is out of power and no network is available. Therefore, the relevant accessory market can continue to develop. For this reason, Huawei has launched a Huawei 4G accompanying WiFi 3 mobile router for mobile Internet. This product is flat and mellow, the size and bank card are almost the same, it is very convenient to carry. It supports the use of mobile / telecom / Unicom 4G network card. With such a device, you can play with your partner anytime and anywhere. The following charging head network is disassembled to see how its internal design.


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1、 Appearance of Huawei WiFi 3

The top design of the packing box has the information of product name, characteristics, brand and appearance drawing.

The box is designed with a heaven and earth cover, and the bottom is printed with the description of the four major features of the product and the basic information of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

All things in the package are at a glance. The accompanying WiFi 3 and data cable are packed in transparent plastic bags.

Huawei's WiFi 3 is made of PC flame-retardant material, with white front and back and black side. The fuselage surface is frosted, and the edge transition is smooth. There is a black strip area on the front of the fuselage, on which there are signs of power and signal. On the right is the word of Huawei brand.

There are led lights beside the two signs, and the bright green light indicates that the signal is good / the power is sufficient.

Huawei brand logo is designed in the center of the back of the fuselage.

A small groove is designed on the back corner, through which the back cover of the body can be opened for battery replacement.

One side of the fuselage is equipped with a power on key.

The center on the other side is equipped with a micro USB input interface.

Charging test was carried out on WiFi 3 accompanying Huawei. The charging voltage was 5V, the current was 0.94a, and the charging power was 4.8w.

2、 Dismantling Huawei WiFi 3

The rear cover of the fuselage is opened, and the interior is designed with replaceable battery, and the surrounding is sealed with screws.

A close-up of the top of the battery shows a water label in the middle and a battery contact on the right.

Relevant specifications and parameters are marked on the front of the battery

Model: hb434666rbc

Battery type: lithium polymer battery

Rated capacity: 1500mah / 5.7wh

Rated voltage: 3.8V

Charging limit voltage: 4.35v

Production date: November 16, 2019

The products have passed PSE certification, Mexico NOM certification and Brazil Nyce certification.

Battery on the other side of the list, printed with relevant precautions, in addition to the product has passed CE certification and PCT certification.

The battery slot is pasted with product related information stickers, the product model is e5576-855, the left side of the sticker is SIM card slot, which supports mobile / telecom / Unicom 4G network card, and the reset button is below the sticker.

The top shell is disassembled, and fixed columns are set on both sides, and the screws are screwed on them.

The PCB board is covered with three metal shielding covers, with white plastic frame at both ends and thin film antenna pasted on it.

A black antenna is pasted on the white plastic at one end, and the words kh-e5-m14 v0.4 are printed on the screen.

Close up of white fixed plastic on the other end.

A labyrinth like groove is designed on the black plastic shell to form a hollow space before the PCB board to avoid heat accumulation.

At the back of the removed PCB, there is also a shielding cover beside the interface.

Remove the antenna at both ends.

Close up at one end of PCB board, three antenna shrapnel are welded and connected with external antenna.

Close up of power on key.

Close up of patch reset button.

Close up of three color LED lights.

Open the two shields and see the information of each chip below.

Ti Texas Instruments bq25601, used for internal battery charging and boost output, I2C control, maximum charging current 3a.

Ti bq25601 information.

Ruiyu rtl8189es, complete 2.4G 802.11n solution, single chip integrated physical layer and RF.

Ruiyu rtl8189es information.

Hisilicon hi6559 PMIC.

Hisilicon hi2153m, baseband processor, for 4G network connection.

Hisilicon hi6361gfc RF chip.

Screen printing 6v18.

Close up of a few small chips.

The other shield is disassembled and there are three chips under it.

Vc7643 RF amplifier.

Screen printing dp9gs2.

Close up of the third chip.

The shield on the back of the board beside the interface is also disassembled. There is a big chip inside.

Jinghao f59d1g81mb, 128MB SLC flash memory, supporting 100000 times of erasure, 10 years data storage period, used to store firmware and connection information.

Jinghao f59d1g81mb information.

The top of the shell is white, with a black plastic shell in the center.

A metal sheet is arranged on the side.

All of them are disassembled. Let's have a family photo.

Disassembly summary of charging head network

Huawei's accompanying WiFi 3 is compact, with rounded edges and corners. It is very portable and easy to use. The charging head network learned through disassembly that the product adopts replaceable battery design, and the user can easily solve the problem of battery aging after long-term use. Further disassembly found that the internal use of thin-film antenna, saving product volume. In addition, Hisilicon semiconductor baseband and PMIC are used to cooperate with Ti battery management. The main board is equipped with shielding cover to ensure that signals will not interfere with each other. Built in SLC memory, long service time, stable and reliable.

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