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India's official invention of cow dung chip is too strong!

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If you ask: what can a bubble of cow dung do? Maybe we can get 10000 answers from Indians.

First of all, it can be made into soap and detergent


Secondly, it can cool the car if it is evenly applied to the car in summer. However, I don't think people's nose can hold up the smell.


According to an Indian official, if pneumonia comes, soak in cow dung and say a spell

From the normal use of waste to all kinds of magical operations, old Indian brothers have gone further and further in the use of cow dung...

But there is no the most coquettish, only more coquettish, these days India even began to use cow dung to make chips?!

It's not the black cow dung chip corresponding to the pin chip, but the real raw material is cow dung.


The publisher also said that if the chip is placed in a mobile device, the radiation of the mobile phone will be greatly reduced. It also works if someone wants to avoid radiation-induced diseases.

But in fact, those who know a little bit of scientific knowledge know that the chip is electromagnetic radiation, and the radiation is very small, just like the base station in the community, there is no need to guard against it.

80% of the old friends in India also understand this truth, so this wave must be my pattern is too small!

They must just use the cow dung chip as a starting point. Next, they will apply cow dung technology to the base station. Before, so many people around the world forced down the signal base station because they were worried about the radiation problem. In this way, with the blessing of cow dung, the problem was solved perfectly.


It is suggested that the cow dung manufacturers directly outsource to Huawei, carry out the secondary modification of base stations, spread cow dung all over the world, contribute to the world's radiation protection, and protect the best base station in the community.


In addition, it was said that 5g base station can transmit new coronavirus. Once the cattle manure base station is released, it may be able to control the new coronavirus worldwide, which will contribute to trump's re-election and the epidemic control in the United States.

Sure enough, I'm still in the first layer. India is already in the atmosphere. It's wonderful!


Okay, I admit I can't make it up...

Apart from the radiation problem, cow dung and chip manufacturing can't do anything. In terms of composition, cow dung contains 10% - 20% crude protein, 1% - 3% crude fat, 20% - 30% nitrogen-free extract and 15% - 30% crude fiber. And chips all over the world are made of silicon-based materials, which can't pull out silicon.

Is it possible to wrap cow dung on a chip as a gimmick, which is used by some non-governmental organizations to cheat?

But this thing is actually officially released...

The leader is India's national cattle Council (RKA), which was just set up by the government in 2019 to protect and develop cattle.


In addition to improving the routine work such as ranching, RKA seems to have KPIs to promote cow urine. It not only says that Bollywood male stars drink cow urine, but also puts some articles on the website to praise its advantages, including the previous experiment of finding gold in cow urine...

In a word: the excrement of these cattle is promoted by RKA!


The promotion of the chip is not small. Now there are 500 cattle factories in India, and the retail price is set between 50 and 100 rupees (about 4.4 yuan to 9.1 yuan). The spokesman also said that there are already plans to export the chip to the United States in India, with a retail price of about $10.

This price is amazing. It's just a lot of chips. You don't have to cut a knife to give you 10 billion subsidies. Intel and AMD can't beat it.

Wait, the cow factory makes chips??? Sure enough, when I searched, the chip manufacturer shrijee gaushala mentioned in the press conference was an animal shelter in India, a place where cattle were raised only.


The taste is too strong. It's estimated that the Americans don't want it for free. This wave of chips will wait for export to domestic sales.

More ludicrously, when people at the scene asked if the chip was certified by the national research department, the spokesman said

There are also many Indians on Twitter who have started the mockery:


In addition to chips, the conference also displayed other cow dung products, such as pottery lamps, candles, incense, paperweights and statues made of cow dung.

Not to mention anything else, in the field of fancy pastry, ah San's old friends really won.

RKA people are also confident that India can produce about 1.92 billion kilograms of cow dung a day, with the potential to make cow dung alone


The spokesman added:

This sounds absurd, but unexpectedly, it is really reasonable. 9 years ago, an associate professor in India's physics department said it could be absorbed by applying a layer of cow dung on the surface of onions

As for where the data is and what the principle is, it may be the top secret. The professor didn't say a word about it.


Looking back on the product, how can it be like taking goods with you?

Yes, this press conference is actually to promote local products and resist foreign products.

The traditional Indian religious festival Diwali is coming, but now 90% of the lamps are made in China, which is not in line with Prime Minister Modi's initiative

Cow: I'm under a lot of pressure like you. If I can't pull the shit out, isn't it that Indian made products won't make it???


Therefore, the purpose of this wave of chip marketing is to find a market for cow dung.

Even if it is absurd, the government must do it in order to revive the economy. Just like RKA's founding purpose: To review existing laws and policies to make the best economic use of dairy wealth, thereby increasing production and productivity.

In fact, back in the past, humans have been trying to use shit.

For example, in China, Japan and Thailand, there are thousands of years of urine therapy, which is to drink the middle part of the urine (only take one third of the urine column) to treat the disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is also the operation of using feces as medicine.


However, whether it is correct or not, these are mostly folk behavior and do not do too much harm to society. But India's official practice, however, is blind and confused, making cow dung

Rural women don't have enough sanitizer to give birth, and they preach,

GDP data is not good enough, India's statistics department also includes cow dung. Because cattle produce dung every day, and the manure can be used to fertilize and burn, it is not wrong to count it in the gross domestic product.

Drugs for the treatment of new coronavirus are too expensive. Without good medical resources, members of Congress said that soaking in cow dung bath was useful and encouraged everyone to try it.


So in the end, cow dung is just a cover to fool people.

The elites know very well that they are just using religion to solve their own financial problems.


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