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On stage with mate40! Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG release: new ECG acquisition and vascular health detection

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On October 22, Huawei mate 40 series was launched globally, which is the most powerful Mate Series in history and the generation with the highest attention. Huawei not only brought four new machines in one breath, but also injected the classic design gene of Porsche Design into the watch for the first time, bringing Huawei's watch GT2 Porsche Design, which is amazing.

Of course, Huawei is always used to leaving more surprises at the domestic press conference. HuaweiMate40 series officially met with domestic consumers at a domestic conference in Shanghai on October 30. And this time, HuaweiWATCH GT2 smartwatch family has another blockbuste


As a WATCH GT2Pro upgrade,HuaweiWATCH GT2Pro ECG new ECG collection, vascular health research and detection function, It is of great significance for people who pay attention to health and have potential cardiovascular risk. It is one of the few long-lasting intelligent watches that can provide perfect health management sports guidance. In the same kind of competition, the professional advantage of health sports is obvious. Its arrival, let Huawei in the health sports watch subdivision domain leading position again elevates.

At present, almost all smart watches support heart rate monitoring, but the speed of heart rate can only be used as a general reference, for those who have potential health risks to the heart, it is difficult to judge the signs through the heart rate. In addition, many people work fast, pressure, neglect medical examination, so can provide professional ECG analysis at any time wearable smart devices, become the rigid demand of this part of the user community.


It is understood that Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG supports one click measurement and can quickly obtain result reports. The wearer only needs to put his finger on the electrode on the right side of the watch, and it only takes half a minute to complete the ECG measurement, and provide professional analysis report to record the current heart beat rhythm in detail, so as to help the wearer to clearly understand the rhythm of heart beat; it can also add symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, etc., to record the current symptoms in detail, so as to better understand their own heart health Health status.

Huawei first intelligent wearable device through the registration certificate of the second class medical device of the State Drug Administration (NMPA), based on high performance ECG sensor, brings professional ECG acquisition function. HuaweiWATCH GT2Pro ECG watch also combined


In addition, 301 Hospital is based on Huawei watch GT2 pro ECG is a high-performance ECG sensor, which initiates heart health research. By recording the graph of ECG signal in detail, abnormal cardiac rhythm such as atrial fibrillation and premature beat (ventricular premature beat and atrial premature beat) can be found. It can help users identify arrhythmia more precisely, provide arrhythmia risk screening, personalized guidance, appointment for treatment and integrated management services, so as to help users find high risk of arrhythmia early , self-management of heart health.

Especially for people who often work overtime and stay up late, smoke, drink, obesity, lack of exercise, and have occasional heart discomfort; people with hypertension, hyperglycemia, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea syndrome and other diseases; patients with arrhythmia and related diseases have important reference value.

In addition to a series of potential heart risks, vascular diseases represented by atherosclerosis have become one of the biggest health threats to Chinese people. Arteriosclerosis is a non inflammatory disease of the artery, which can make the arterial wall thickening, hardening, loss of elasticity, lumen stenosis, often accompanied by sub-health.

According to the "China cardiovascular disease report 2018", the current population with atherosclerosis is conservatively estimated to be 100 million, and there is a trend of youth. The most important causes of arteriosclerosis are hypertension, hyperlipidemia and smoking. Other factors such as obesity, diabetes, lack of exercise, stress, old age, family history, and irritability are also causes.

Based on Huawei wear and Huawei Research innovation research platform jointly launched vascular health research, Peking University People's Hospital, Anzhen Hospital and other top three hospitals jointly participated in vascular health research, intelligent recognition of pulse wave, ECG and other information, multi parameter fusion judgment, accurate screening of atherosclerosis degree, help users understand their own vascular health status, and provide hierarchical professional advice, and early onset Arteriosclerosis risk, independent management of vascular health.

Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG new vascular health detection function, can quickly understand their own vascular health status.Users enter the vascular health study


After the test, app will provide professional guidance and suggestions, provide one-stop integrated management service for high-risk users, actively carry out early prevention and intervention for arteriosclerosis, and help users achieve home vascular health management. In addition, Huawei, together with specialists, provides a popular science content channel of vascular health in app to enhance users' awareness of autonomous vascular health and protect vascular health in a scientific and reasonable way.

In daily life and work, high-end business people are often faced with high pressure and high risk, so professional health management is essential. In addition to ECG detection and vascular health research and detection, the ECG model, together with Huawei watch GT2 pro and Porsche Design, also provides perfect daily health management functions,Upgrade Huawei latest self-developed TruSeenTM4.0 all-weather heart rate detection technology, compared with other products in the market faster and more accurate, while heart rate monitoring types support up to more than ten, leading the industry.In addition, TruSeen TM4.0 technical breakthrough, the three products also support all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring, users can quickly detect their own blood oxygen status through watches, effectively avoid the accident caused by low blood oxygen saturation.


Huawei watch GT2 Pro

Not only that, they also continue Huawei trusleeptm2.0 scientific sleep, Huawei trurelax pressure manager, etc., which can manage users' health 24 hours a day.

In addition,Compared with the normal version of watch GT2, Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG, Huawei watch GT2 pro and Porsche Design provide more advanced appearance and materialsIt adopts sapphire glass mirror design, which is harder and more wear-resistant. In terms of casting process, titanium metal materials commonly used in high-precision field are selected to cast the table body, which can reduce the weight of the body, enhance the wear resistance and reduce the impact damage. At the same time, there is a precision ceramic back shell, which supports waterproof, high-temperature and scratch resistance. The skin friendly properties can further improve the wearing comfort.


Huawei watch GT2 Pro

In terms of other functions, Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG model inherits all the excellent features of Huawei watch GT2 pro。 In terms of sports, compared with the normal watch GT2, Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG and Huawei watch GT2 Both pro and Porsche Design models simultaneously add two professional sports modes of skiing and golf driving range, new professional track return (outdoor sports, to prevent losing), and continue more than 100 sports modes of going up and down the sea; it supports 17 professional sports modes and 6 automatic recognition of sports modes. For high-end business people, no matter where they are, they can meet the needs of sports in multiple scenes.


Huawei watch GT2 Pro

Battery life,Huawei watch GT2 pro and Porsche Design models can last up to 2 weeks under typical use scenarios, while Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG models can last up to 12 days under typical use scenariosGPS sports scene can last up to 30 hours, horse racing, mountaineering, skiing and other long-time sports are not afraid at all. Huawei supports the wireless charger, which can be used for 5 minutes without reverse charging, which is more practical and can be used for 10 hours without reverse charging.


Huawei watch GT2 Pro

Previously, foreign media Techradar evaluated after testing the HuaweiWATCH GT2Pro:

While the HuaweiWATCH GT2Pro and Porsche designs are professional players in the WATCH GT series, HuaweiWATCH GT2Pro ECG are professional players

The price of Huawei watch GT2 pro sports model is 2188 yuan, and fashion model is 2388 yuan. It will be officially put on sale in Huawei mall and other authorized e-commerce platforms at 00:00 on November 1, with a discount of 100 yuan on that day; the price of Huawei watch GT2 Pro ECG model is 4688 yuan, which will be officially sold in December. Please look forward to it!

In addition, Huawei watch GT2, together with independent designer Wu yingshuang11, has launched a Jingdong exclusive customized model. The forest green leather strap and the champagne gold body are used to customize the secret situation dial, which is more mysterious and elegant. The secret land art model is priced at 1588 yuan and will be officially sold in Jingdong at 00:00 on November 1, with a discount of 150 yuan on that day, which is also worthy of attention!


In addition to the above surprise, Huawei intelligent body fat scale 3 cooperates with Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, benchmarking DEXA gold standard, supporting 14 body data, so that you can know yourself more from the inside out. The price of the product is 169 yuan. It will be pre-sale in Huawei mall and other authorized e-commerce platforms at 18:08 on October 30, and you can enjoy a discount of 20 yuan during the pre-sale period. The product will be officially put on sale at 00:00 on November 11, and you will enjoy a 20 yuan discount on the day of sale. You are welcome to rush!



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