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Tencent's "big killer"! Start cloud game preemptive experience: low PC configuration can also play

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What do you think about playing a game on the computer?

Of course, it is to consider whether the current computer configuration can smoothly play the game you want to play, and also consider whether the storage space is enough, because the size of large-scale games is very large.

Moreover also must consider the platform question, for example Mac can not play many Windows exclusive games. How to solve these problems? Spend money on hardware! But there's a better solution now, that's

Anything to bring

And for Tencent itself, this is also significant, after all, Tencent's game resources are very rich.

There are limitations, such as Mac can not play to the national clothing LOL such popular works, Tencent cloud games are expected to fill this gully, can be called

Tencent cloud game recently opened an unlimited public test, how does it play? Come and experience it.

What's the difference between local and cloud games? You can tell by comparison

Let's take a look at the steps of playing games in the local version and cloud game mode.

Ordinary games: to the game website

At present, many games can only be downloaded with the downloaders provided on the official website. The game size is very large. You can download a game for several hours or even dozens of hours.

Cloud Game: Open Game Manage

As you can see, cloud games allow users to skip the download and installation steps of the game and directly start playing.

So that users don't have to wait. The most important thing is that players who are often short of hard disk space like Xiaobian don't need to consider whether they have space to install games.

And cloud games do not require high computer configuration, so that users can use low configuration computers to play games that could not run smoothly.


How to apply to experience Tencent cloud game

So how to experience Tencent cloud game?

At present, cloud game is in the public beta stage, you only need to go to the official website Tencent cloud game(https://start.qq.com/)To apply for experience qualification.

Currently, MAC client and windows client are supported. The mobile and TV versions haven't started the experience yet.


After applying for the qualification, Windows users need to install Tencent wegame, the game manager(https://www.WeGame.com.cn/)To experience.


MAC system users need to download a separate start Tencent cloud game client.

Tencent cloud game startup method: windows also needs to install wegame

After installing wegame, the editor can't wait to experience the cloud game version of League of heroes.

But finding an entrance is complicated. How to enter the cloud game? Currently, wegame has not set up a special entry column, and the editor does not know why. So the steps to enter the cloud game are still relatively troublesome.

Enter Cloud Game Steps: WeGame

To play cloud games smoothly, thenThere are certain requirements for your broadband environment, and the delay is less than 20ms.

What's more, the cities and cities that are currently supported are indicated in the cloud game, and the editors have not tested whether the provinces and cities that are not marked out can play.

For hardware requirements,Tencent cloud game did not mark specific hardware requirements, but the requirements should not be high.


Launch cloud game


Cloud game requirements

Tencent cloud game experience: no need to download back to local

When Xiaobian wanted to experience the cloud game version of League of heroes, he found that wegame did not provide cloud game version at present.

Then Xiaobian looked for several popular games, also did not provide cloud game version. When Xiaobian doubted whether he was not qualified to experience, he found that night of Fortress provided a cloud game version.

Enter the game details page of Fortress night, you can see that you want to play fortress night, you need to download 28g game installation package first.

But if you choose to play cloud games, just ente

It's very simple and fast, no need to wait to download the game installation package.


Game details page


Launch cloud game

However, when Xiaobian started the cloud game, he was stuck in the login interface all the time. After more than ten minutes, it was still the same, but he had no choice but to quit and try again.


No way, try another game, "nba2kol2" also supports cloud game mode.

In the same way, the whole way is smooth, and you can play the game happily soon. Xiaobian came to a game, the overall feeling is not much with the local version of the game in the computer, but different, button delay is very small.

The small edition uses the telecommunication 100 megabit optical fiber. The game screen is also good.


In cloud game mode, users can see that there are more setting buttons on the top left of the game interface, and there are delay and code rate display in the lower right corner by default.


The set button provides the user with


In addition, the built-in settings interface of each game can also be set.


Game settings interface


After a game, I tried the night of Fortress again. I didn't expect that this time I could enter successfully.


After a game, the experience is still good, the delay is very small, the picture is smooth, and there is little difference with the local version.

In addition, cloud games seem to have lower requirements for local computer configuration, and the content of rendering images should be calculated in the cloud.


Fortress night settings, you can see that the image quality can be adjusted to the highest, but your computer does not need high configuration

Then Xiaobian also came to the cloud game mode of "FIFA online 4". After a ball game, he forgot to write.


It is said that the lineup of Tencent cloud game library of Mac version is much larger than that of Windows version of wegame client. Tencent games without MAC client, such as League of heroes, crossing the line of fire, gunshen Ji, anti war, QQ flying car, and best quality flying car online, can also play the national service version of lol.

But Xiaobian didn't try. Why is there a difference between cloud games provided by MAC and windows platforms? Is Tencent a cloud mode that specifically prevents Windows users from playing these games?

Open the browser and play! Mobile games also have cloud mode

Tencent has also prepared a mobile game cloud for players to play on their computers using browsers alone. Players simply need to enter the first swim

You can use the browser to play several mobile games in cloud mode. However, the experience is not perfect at present. For example, the current keyboard mapping key position cannot be modified.


Cloud games


QQ flying car cloud mode


Cloud Games bring new game experience to players, so that players can play their favorite games in any networked computer without downloading and installing.

Unfortunately, there are too few games available for cloud game mode in Tencent cloud games. Even the League of heroes does not support it. We are looking forward to more cloud game modes online.

With cloud games, you don't have to worry about the lack of hard disk space and computer configuration. It's very good.

Can cloud games replace local Games? Some people believe that cloud games will be the mainstream way of games sooner or later.

However, from the current experience, cloud games still have the limitations of unstable connection, limited number of games and high network requirements,It is only suitable as a supplement to local Games (for example, windows games can be played on the Mac platform).

But there is no denying it,Cloud games have great potential and we look forward to a better experience in the future.



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