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Super US 95% broadband: Starlink's measured network speed exceeds 160mbps!

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According to reports, the latest data from Okla, a US network speed testing and statistics company, shows that the trial speed of Starlink Satellite Internet service of SpaceX under musk has exceeded 160 Mbps, exceeding 95% of the broadband in the United States.

Here comes the public test results of musk SpaceX's Starlink!

The trial speed has exceeded 160 Mbps, more than 95% of broadband connections in the United States.


The rural people are boiling!

A user from rural Montana, stunned by the download speed of musk SpaceX's Starlink 174 Mbps, shared it on reddit and said, "Starlink will change the game forever. "


Previously, perhaps fearing that it might not be as good as expected, SpaceX gave the testing service a joking Name: better than nothing.

The Starlink team said at the time that the network data transmission speed was expected to be between 50Mbps and 150Mbps, and the network delay was controlled between 20ms and 40ms.

Moreover, it is not ruled out that the network cannot be connected occasionally.

Although some users have experienced short-term disconnection, the actual test results are better than expected.

Better Than Nothing!

How much cattle are more than 95%? The American village is connected to the Internet!

Although the United States is a powerful country in science and technology, its network speed is not flattering

The average U.S. mobile Internet speed is 50.2 Mbps., according to Ookla data from Netspeed Testing


Although in some cities, it sometimes reaches nearly 100 Mbps. But many people live far away from cities or densely populated areas where the Internet is very slow.

And, despite the disbelief of many, there are still large areas of the United States that lack reliable broadband access.

In order to promise everyone to use the network in 5g era. The Federal Communications Commission has also launched a $9 billion fund called the rural 5g fund in the United States, which will be distributed over 10 years to expand 5g access in rural areas and ensure that everyone can use the new network.


The test results are too pleasant. What's the price?

Last week, SpaceX expanded the testing of Starlink Satellite Internet, inviting interested consumers to participate in its public beta test.

Many of the people who took part in the test also showed "results":


To a large extent, the results are consistent with its commitment


But one user also pointed out that each interruption is about 10 to 15 seconds, which seems to occur every few minutes. But the user also pointed out that several trees blocked the signal, but there was a relatively stable high-speed connection.

"It's really exciting for me, and the price has changed my budget. "


The initial price of the star link service was $99 per month, and users had to pay $499 for the star link device, including terminal receiving equipment, tripod and WiFi router.


An American user who took part in a small-scale Starlink test posted an official invitation email to him online

What's the price?

Starlink now joins Hughes and viasat, two companies that provide satellite internet access, as the last Internet service provider for rural users who can't get cable or fiber.

Starlink is much faster than existing satellite systems. According to the data, in October 2020, the average decline of HughesNet is 19.84 Mbps, while the average decline of viasa's exede system is 24.75 Mbps.


Starlink can easily outpace exede and HughesNet.

But Starlink's real victory is delay. The latency in recent tests varies widely, but on average 42ms, much longer than the wired internet system, but shorter than HughesNet and exede, which averaged 728 milliseconds and 643 MS in September, respectively.

The company said it expected "to reach 16 ms to 19 ms by summer 2021.".

But the price reason can't be ignored.


The cost of Satellite Internet services is still high: Starlink beta costs $99 a month, and satellite antennas and Wi Fi routers cost $499. There is no final conclusion on the price ceiling of Starlink, but it is a beta version after all.

The cost of the HughesNet 20GB, 25mbps program is $69.99 per month.

Viasat's 12mbps unlimited plan, with 40Gb of data before the priority is removed, costs $100 a month; its 30mbps package costs $200 a month.

It seems that relatively speaking, there are still advantages!

Less than 900 now, target 10,000

At present, SpaceX has launched nearly 900 "star chain" satellites, which can not cover the whole world, but can provide network services for the northwest of the United States.

SpaceX plans to launch tens of thousands of satellites to create a massive system that can provide reliable Internet services around the world.


When star chain exits the beta phase, a large number of consumers may want to register. How to keep the speed is a matter to wait and see.

However, recently, the negative voice about "star chain" has come as scheduled.

Previously, Harvard University - Smithsonian Astrophysics Center astronomer Jonathan

About 3% of the remaining satellites appear to have failed, and they float randomly in space, which may threaten other satellites in orbit or astronauts on the international space station.


A few days ago, participants in the "star chain" test revealed that users of Mars related services should agree that Mars is a "free planet", that is, any government on earth has no right to interfere in Mars activities.

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