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Can play 3 A big tiger tooth cloud game detailed experience with browse

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Have you ever played cloud games? This kind of no installation, the local computer configuration requirements are not high, as long as there is a browser or starter can click to play the cloud game is a big trend in the future.

Think about it, in the future you just need a network of mini-host plus a monitor to play a variety of games, really fragrant! It's a live broadcast

The game library is rich and you can play games with your browse

Enter the official website of Huya cloud game (click to enter), and we can see that the current cloud game library of tiger tooth cloud game is much richer than that of some news. In addition to playing some ordinary games, you can also play the game masterpieces of steam and Tencent. You can also see that tiger tooth cloud game not only supports the cloud mode of PC games, but also supports the cloud mode of mobile games.


Figure 1 official website of tiger tooth cloud game

Let's first experience the cloud mode of PC games. Tiger teeth cloud game uses two ways to start the cloud game, the first is to use the browser to open directly, and the other is to use the tiger tooth cloud Game PC client to open.

How to experience lol with browser

Using a browser to play Tiger Tooth Cloud is the most convenient method, which allows users to play games without installing any software. Players enter the Tiger Tooth Cloud game website, find the game you want to play into the details page point

However, the default shortcut of some browsers will conflict with the game shortcut key and cause unable to enter the account password information, so it is recommended to use Chrome browser to play. For example, when inputting account information in a browser, it will conflict with the shortcut key of screen adjustment, resulting in unable to input text.


Figure 2

In addition to ordinary games, tiger tooth cloud game also has prepared some Tencent and steam game Masterpieces for players. For these two cloud games that need to log in accounts, tiger tooth cloud game will prompt users to log in the corresponding account before the game starts.


Figure 3 Steam Cloud Landing

Login account can begin to play the game. Xiaobian tried the Steam "Anti-Terrorism Elite Global Offensive ", loading speed is good, the game screen is OK, the operation delay is not big, basically can play the game.


Figure 4 cloud mode of "global offensive of anti terrorist elites"

Let's have another lol, log in to Tencent account before starting, and then you can have fun. Everything is no different from the local version. Good game experience, good fluency. No need to download can play, this method of saving local storage space, Xiaobian very like.


Figure 5 Login Account


Figure 6 entering the game interface


Picture 7 playing games freely (not playing for a long time, unfamiliar)

Finally, let's experience a 3A game masterpiece "Tomb Raider rising". In tiger tooth cloud game, it can be tried for free. After entering the game, you can see that the game screen is good. After the small editor adjusts the picture quality to super clear, the picture is still smooth. Xiaobian is not good at playing this kind of action game. Laura has been hanging up here for many times!


Figure 8 the rise of Tomb Raider


Figure 9 poor Laura fell off the cliff n times under the operation of Xiaobian

When playing cloud games, there will be a control button on the right to allow users to choose the clarity of the game and whether the full-screen game.


Figure 10 Game Control Button

Mobile cloud game experience King glory card on the update

As mentioned above, Huya cloud game not only supports the cloud mode of PC games, but also supports the cloud mode of mobile games. Xiaobian tried to enter the glory of the king. When he first entered it, he made an error. As a result, he entered the Android simulator by mistake, which should not have been seen by the user. The second time you enter, the game needs to be updated, but when the update is finished, the screen appears black, but you have no choice but to close the webpage. On the third entry, repeat the second encounter. Xiaobian estimated that because the update to restart the game, so stuck here, resulting in a black screen. Therefore, the official tiger tooth cloud game must consider helping users to update the game version in advance (especially when the game version is greatly updated), which can also reduce the waiting time of players.


Figure 11 error in Android simulator


Figure 12 Honor of Kings needs to be updated

Tiger tooth cloud Game PC client in addition to play can also open live

Let's take a look at the PC client of the tiger tooth cloud game. It's just that the PC client starts the game in full screen mode by default, and the editor can't find the windowing option. In the control button on the right, there are more live functions. One of the best features of using the client is that the client has the game free login function, which can help players remember the steam account number and avoid the trouble of each login.

After some experience, Xiaobian found another bug, that is, after entering a game and forcibly exiting, it will prompt that there is still a game running when entering the next game. So don't push back!


Figure 13 PC client of tiger tooth cloud game


Figure 14 Default Full Screen Game


Figure 15 has more live functions

What is the experience of playing PC games in mobile phones

Let's take a look at the mobile client of Huya cloud game. Different from the PC client, the mobile client allows users to play the cloud mode version of PC games in their mobile phones, and of course, they can also play the cloud mode version of mobile games. However, playing PC games with mobile phones, although there are key mapping, it is not convenient for keyboard and mouse, so it is better to connect a Bluetooth handle. Or just get used to it.


Figure 16 main interface of mobile client of tiger tooth cloud game


Figure 17 already sets the keyboard map for PC games

Playing tiger tooth cloud game in the mobile phone also doesn't need to install the client of each game in the mobile phone, which is good news for users who are short of storage space. Pay attention to the traffic of the mobile phone if you want to use the mobile phone.

In addition, if you play Tencent games, you need to log in to your account, you use WeChat QR code login. This is the general setting of Tencent series games, so two mobile phones are convenient to log in, otherwise you have to switch to switch. And use WeChat scan screenshot login mode is useless. QQ login mode can be login by account password.


Figure 18 two landing methods


Figure 19 Running Kart (Cloud Mode)

Another game of the king, in the mobile version of the king rongyaoyun mode version, has been updated to a large version, only a small update can be entered, so normal access to the game interface, you can see that although the game settings have high image quality, but in the cloud mode, the image quality is still slightly reduced. However, after one game, the game is smooth and does not affect the normal operation and experience of players Still good.


Figure 20 only needs to be updated in a small version


Figure 21 the king Rong Yaoyun model


How about, tiger tooth cloud game can attract your eyeball? Interested players quickly experience, cloud games can really help players save a lot of storage space, as long as your broadband environment is good, play is not a problem. Don't say, make up to help Laura jump out of that cliff, play.


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