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A mobile phone from the future! OPPO X 2021 scroll screen: eliminate creases

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17 November 2020

OPPO shows the all-around transition of ideas, strategies, and technology products: Chen MingyongScience and technology as human beings, to improve the world3 N X


For oppo, the inno day has gradually become the annual science and technology Gala of oppo: it is not only a show of muscle, but also an exhibition of oppo's unremitting efforts in scientific research strength and cutting-edge technology.

The blueprint for consumers' future technology life :5 first-generation AR glasses and OPPO perspective full-screen phones released at the 2019 future technology conference (i.e. underscreen cameras)

And in 2020,Oppo x 2021 scroll screen concept machine has become the focus of attention in this conference.


Do not talk about Wude, OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine is so overbearing

Regardless of Wude, this sentence is used to describe the oppo x 2021 scroll screen concept machine, which is very appropriate: as a new future mobile phone terminal form, it is also a small branch of folding screen mobile phone products.

Oppo x 2021 scroll screen concept machine is a leap forward progress compared with the folding screen mobile phone products currently on sale.

Compared with the mobile phone products with inner folding screen and outer folding screen on the market, the more appropriate description of the product form should be a dual screen mobile phone: small external screen, inner folding screen, or large external folding screen.

Basically, it's

But OPPO X 2021 the scroll screen concept machine is different, it used to fold the screen mobile phone fixed screen size on the hard, it does is a physical

Depending on the characteristics of the flexible screen, the stepless push-pull change of the screen can be realized in the mobile phone fuselage,Make the real screen bigger or smaller.


The appearance of scroll screen fundamentally solves the two natural defects of folding screen mobile phone: crease and fuselage thickness.

With the appearance of the folding screen, the folding screen crease has become a nightmare for users.

With the blessing of the shaft, they could not break through physically

In the same way, the physical properties of folding become the physical thickness of the body

In science and technology,We are technically pursuing aThe concept of fuselage thickness goes far beyond

The screen sections on both sides of the rotating shaft, if rigidity permits,Every big factory can't break through the increase of the thickness caused by the material of the shaft and the folding of the hinge, even because of the existence of the folding and the rotating shaftThe hollow phenomenon appears in the rotating shaft, which forces the further increase of fuselage thickness.


Finally, it is also very important to use the folding screen mobile phone products with internal and external screens, and users still need more learning costs in using habits.

It is true that the folding screen mobile phone with internal and external screens has its own unique features and folding life. However, even if the external screen is truly borderless, the slenderness ratio it brings is bound to further reduce its use frequency. Many users have to switch between the internal and external screens repeatedly, which greatly increases the time cost.


The oppo x 2021 scroll screen concept machine, at the beginning of the design, went straight to solve the user's pain points: smooth the creases as much as possible, reduce the thickness of the body as much as possible, and reduce the sense of separation between users and traditional mobile phones as far as possible.

The selection of scroll screen design is not only oppo's insight into the future development direction, but also a bold attempt of oppo on the leading edge technology of the industry.

Scroll makes ritual, art and technology coexist

Playing with machinery and lifting, oppo is definitely the most professional and cost free one in the industry: oppo find X's dual track periscope structure has realized its infinite exploration of true and comprehensive screens in 2018;

In the early stage of oppo Reno series products, oppo integrated the most sophisticated side spin lifting structure in the industry,When the whole industry is in-depth research on lifting structure, oppo has made great use of the lifting structure.

In oppo x 2021 reel screen concept machine, oppo shows its pursuit of mechanical structure incisively and vividly again.

Behind the seemingly simple scroll screen, oppo installed two constant force motors inside the fuselage for silky pushing and stretching.

When the user triggers the motor, two constant force motors push the screen slowly with constant force, just like a traditional Chinese painting;

Outside the motor, the OPPO subtly rolls up OLED flexible screen:The pulley reel with a diameter of 6.8mm realizes the flexible folding of the screen. With the mechanical extension, the vision of science and technology is not limited to the vision.

Of course, with the exquisite design of oppo R & D team, the 6.8mm pulley reel can realize the vision of almost zero crease on the screen.



Spread out, even more flat. The students who play calligraphy and painting all know that to get the best display effect, a stable and flat table top is absolutely indispensable.

In a mobile phone that can be extended, to place a solid skeleton, just like picking bones in an egg, is the fine work in fine work. The solution of oppo is double matrix embedded clutch structure.

When the screen is unfolded, the support plate is divided into two parts and slides out synchronously; between the two support plates, a precise process is used to realize 0 segment difference!

Not only to provide adequate support to the screen, but also to ensure that the screen after the expansion, the left and right sides, without any


And more importantly, the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine, in the use of experience

When it is not deployed, it is like an ordinary 6.7-inch hyperbolic screen mobile phone product. It is similar to the 6.7-inch screen mobile phone on the market in terms of user experience and grip feeling;

When the screen is electrically expanded, the size of the 7.3-inch screen is almost the same as that of the current mainstream tablet computers in terms of screen size and screen proportion.

The artistic and ceremonial sense of the scroll is displayed in the form of future technology, which represents not only art, technology and future, but also a masterpiece in the history of mobile phone design.

The best display form of folding screen

When the form of mobile phone changes from mechanical lifting structure to the current perforated screen, more and more users define the next peak of mobile phone development in the future as folding screen.

It is true that when the flexible screen screen gradually tends to mature and the cost gradually decreases, the leading edge of the whole industry will naturally move from a relatively comfortable folding screen to a more ideal and practical scroll screen product.

Scroll screen products should be currently found folding screen mobile phone products are ultimately the best form of display.

From the theoretical analysis, the scroll screen can theoretically obtain stepless or even endless screen changes, after further thinning the flexible OLED screen.

In theory, it can not only be slightly 0.6 inch screen size, but also 1.6 inch or even 3.6 inch curl screen size. Bigger than big is no longer a dream.

Of course, the most significant evolution of scroll screens is the handling of creases.

The biggest pain point at the current level of use: creases, hinges, rotating shafts, with the advent of the scroll era, these

Conclusion: Science and technology is human, exploring the infinite possibility of science and technology

Chen Mingyong

Just as oppo x 2021 scroll screen concept machine conveys the signal to the user: oppo is not the core product of folding screen mobile phone products, which is the most complete and will change the process of the industry and guide the development of the industry.

With the further implementation of technology, does a concept machine with such a high degree of completion mean to meet with consumers in the near future? Don't say anything else, Zhenxiang, just buy it!


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