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Experience Huawei's first new model customer service center: Technology on the one hand and temperature on the other

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On November 20, Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) officially opened. This is not an ordinary customer service center, but a number of firsts

Huawei the first new model customer service center; Huawei the current high level of customer service center; Huawei consumer satisfaction first customer service center, during the trial business consumer satisfaction reached an amazing 100!

The day before the opening of the company, the author visited and experienced Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center), and had to sigh: the service can be done like this!

A side is technology: technology service =?

After experiencing the whole process, Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) gave me the biggest impression of hard core technology

Three intelligent stock-preparing robots shuttling between intelligent spare parts cabinets and engineers; automatic disassembly machine tools, air tightness detection tools, automatic pressing tools and other large-scale tools become effective engineers


It should be pointed out that these hard core technologies are not to show technology, but to bring users a better experience. For example, the most attractive intelligent material preparation robot, greatly improve the efficiency of spare parts delivery, but also let

This is a major change in the service industry. The original service center generally adopts the mode of separating front desk reception and background maintenance. From the consumer's point of view, because we can't see the whole repair process, there will be various concerns. Huawei realizes face-to-face maintenance through the support of science and technology, which eliminates the pain points of customers' worries. Moreover, in the process of maintenance, engineers and customers can have better interaction, discuss the maintenance plan, communicate equipment conditions, etc., this new service mode can obviously greatly improve the customer experience.


Of course, the automation of spare parts management and distribution systems also leads to faster delivery, and another direct result is faster service. A number can be illustrated by the fact that during the trial period, compared with other service centers, consumers in Huawei customer service center (Beijing Pacific Century Center) saved more than 6 minutes on average waiting time and maintained

With the addition of many automation equipment, the work that needs to be done manually by engineers can be replaced by equipment, so as to eliminate some hidden dangers caused by different manual proficiency. The direct result of standardization is specialization. For example, the automatic disassembly and assembly tools can realize the automatic disassembly and assembly of mobile phones, ensuring the consistency of the disassembly and assembly process. Even for the film, engineers at Huawei's customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) have invented a small device for alignment to improve the accuracy of the film.

Behind the technology of hard core is huge investment, Huawei service director revealed that the cost of each intelligent material preparation robot is as high as 120000 yuan, the cost of each intelligent spare parts cabinet is as high as 70,000 yuan, and the cost of automatic disassembly machine is as high as 40,000 yuan per unit



One side is temperature: a new experience of the whole journey


First thing to enter the store, of course, is to take the number in line, in the Huawei customer Service Center (Beijing Pacific Century Center), the situation is different, the introduction of silent call, when it is your turn to handle business, Callers will be reminded by vibration. Don't underestimate this change, but the experience is very different, no longer noisy radio calls, the former noisy environment became quiet

What can be done while waiting? Many manufacturers' customer service centers generally provide rows of plastic chairs and a water dispenser, that's all. However, in Huawei's customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center), I found that queuing here is not a torment, but a kind of enjoyment, because the environment is so good, and there are n ways of entertainment and Leisure:

You can have a rest in the leisure experience area. The warm color sofa here is of Nordic style, elegant in appearance and comfortable in sitting. There are two styles for you to choose from: leather and cloth. Sitting on the sofa, you can watch big movies with Huawei's smart screen, listen to songs with Huawei's freebugs headphones, read books and plays with Huawei's new pad, and relax with paper books. If you're thirsty, you can have tea and freshly ground coffee. If you're hungry, you can eat at noon and evening.


You can also listen to lectures at Huawei's big salon, or watch a private IMAX blockbuster, play an immersive VR game, or experience a Huawei full-scene product, and DIY your own personalized phone case in the wisdom room



Before repairing a mobile phone, it is usually necessary to back up the data. This process is also full of temperature. During the backup, the experience consultant will use maintenance tools to clean and maintain the equipment. The automatic film cutting machine next to the backup area can customize the film by one key. One of the details is that the film on this machine covers almost all brands and models of mobile phones. Even if it is a non Huawei mobile phone, it can also customize a suitable film.


The temperature is full during maintenance. As mentioned above, Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) is face-to-face transparent maintenance. When it is necessary to get the maintenance room at the back in case of battery replacement, users can see the repair process.

I also noticed a detail. There is no longer any difference between the receptionist and the engineer. The receptionist is also an engineer, and the engineer is also the receptionist. They are versatile and versatile. This approach also brings the temperature of service. Imagine the situation you encounter in the traditional customer service center. Because the receptionists don't know the maintenance and the technology, they don't answer your questions. Now, no matter which staff you communicate with, you can enjoy professional explanation, answer and warm reception.


In the process of leaving the store, I also had a special feeling. The process of picking up the machine has a sense of ceremony. The service personnel will provide exquisite small gifts, mobile phone film, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance services, recommend service days, broken screen protection, extended protection, worry free service and other activities, and explain the matters needing attention in the daily use process.

As a result, customers can feel the warmth of the whole process from entering the store to leaving the store.

Postscript: redefining services

On the one hand, technology, the application of many hard core technologies makes the service fast and transparent; on the other hand, it is temperature. The innovation in the whole process brings new experience to touch users.

This is the difference brought about by the new model of Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center). It is no exaggeration to say that it redefines services and sets a new benchmark for services.


Frankly speaking, in the mobile phone industry and even in more industries, there is a focus on sales and light service problems, sales stores are generally gorgeous decoration, service ready, but service stores are the opposite. Huawei the significance of the customer Service Center (Beijing Pacific Century Center) is to raise the service to an extremely important position, whether it is cost-free technology investment, re-engineering of service processes, or creating a consumer's experience of the whole journey. Everything is to satisfy customers.

In fact, service is the key contact point of brand and user interaction. If the service is not done well, it is easy to lead to the loss of users. In contrast, Huawei's customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) strives to be the best in the whole process of the contact point between Huawei and consumers. The extremely high customer satisfaction brought by this will certainly greatly enhance customer loyalty.

Recently, Zhu Ping, vice president of Huawei's consumer business and President of Greater China, revealed in an interview that Huawei is expanding more industries, such as PC / pad industry, wearable industry, audio industry, smart screen industry, IOT / smart selection industry, and so on, to provide consumers with a full range of smart life experience. This kind of multi industry expansion needs the upgrading and transformation of knowledge structure, organizational structure and operation ability, among which service ability is also very important. Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) opened the prelude of service innovation. Its service vision is no longer limited to the mobile phone industry, but a larger field of multi industry collaboration. It focuses on the human experience behind the multi industry equipment.

It can be predicted that with the new model explored by Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) being replicated and promoted nationwide, and with Huawei's high attention and continuous innovation in service, service will become an important and core competitiveness of Huawei's consumer business and support its ambition to enter the military's multi industry.


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