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Fast, warm and reassuring, I want to give you crazy Amway this Huawei good store!

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Today, Yingke center is next to Sanlitun in Beijing.

Huawei the world's first new model customer service cente

Seriously, dasir is really looking forward to this store.


Up to now, Huawei has built more than 2000 customer service centers, but the most special thing about this one is that it has introduced quite a lot of scientific and technological means and advanced new service modes. In particular, the overall service environment is warm and comfortable, just like walking into the living room of one's own home.


With an excited mood, as the first batch of customers, I went to punch in specially. After shopping, I described it as warm, intimate and reassuring.

No matter in terms of configuration, service, experience or management mode, Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) is completely different from the traditional service center in my impression.

Let's take a look at this popular Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) with me.

Everywhere you go, there are surprises

Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) is located in the atrium on the first floor of Yingke center. You can see the transparent patio before entering the door. The light texture is very comfortable.

As long as you step into the door of the service center, there will be professional store staff to receive.


Whether you're here to repair your cell phone, experience the product, or just turn around, even if you just want to have a cup of hand ground coffee, it's OK.

I believe that every customer entering the gate will be as surprised as I am. The space of nearly 800 square meters is full of various product experience units and immersive scene arrangements.

Sitting at the bar, with the latest Huawei flat panel, sofa area, and the most advanced smart screen and audio equipment, you can feel free to use it.



From mobile phone to PTZ, from DIY workshop to VR experience, Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) has too many interesting products. Walking in the store is full of surprises.

02 warm coffee, warm service

After a circle, I am tired and want to have a rest.

Sitting on the fabric sofa and looking at Huawei's smart screen, after a while, the strong aroma of coffee wafted over.


It turns out that the shop assistant brought a cup of warm freshly ground coffee. You can choose whether you like milk or sugar.

To tell you the truth, I have been moved. I haven't had this kind of treatment at home these years.

If you are a DIY control, you can also choose to make your own coffee, as well as candy and snacks you can enjoy at will.

I don't want to watch the smart screen any more. I want to have a rest. The shop assistant asked me if I want to play my favorite music with Huawei AI stereo.

of course!


Say directly to it:

All of a sudden, surround sound goes through your ears.

Listen to your favorite songs, drink coffee with sugar, and then have a comfortable ge you lie down. There are some at home, and there are others not at home.


What is warmth?

Take care of every little detail of your needs. That's warmth.

No matter what you want to know, the best way to play, the price, performance, service, etc., the shop assistant will answer for you.

Anyway, I haven't encountered any problems that I can't answer. Everyone is very professional.

Of course, if you are a VR game controller, just talk to the clerk and she will help you put on your VR glasses.

Ski Adventures, Dangerous Mercenaries, Starline



Imagine that if you come to repair your mobile phone, during the maintenance period, you can also play with Huawei's latest products and experience the exciting experience brought by advanced technology. This is simply a great surprise.

Of course, I would like to talk about two favorite places: DIY workshop and smart house.

DIY workshop can print DIY pattern on mobile phone case, T-shirt, canvas bag and other products, and customize whatever you like.

It's a lot of satisfaction.


The smart house is equipped with intelligent interconnection scene of the whole house, and the intelligent screen, lamps, sound, air purifier and sweeping robot are interconnected.

It is my ideal life in the future to be more intelligent, more convenient and more convenient?

It is indeed Huawei's first new model customer service center in the world, which embodies new models and new concepts in all aspects.

I did.

Living room design, self-service quality refreshments, family care



03 professional and efficient service, transparent and fair price

To tell you the truth, many times when you repair your mobile phone, you dare not go to the official service center.

One is slow, the other is expensive.

These problems can be solved thoroughly by Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center).

Between the spare parts management and the customer service seats, there are lovely intelligent robot assistants that send back and forth to help professional engineers deliver things.

Intelligent robots are not only cute, but also very cute


After the engineer submitted the requirements, the intelligent robot began to be busy. It took materials from the intelligent spare parts cabinet and sent the materials to the engineer station according to the route set by the system.



In addition, Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) also groups engineers according to their different skills, so that professionals can do professional things.

For example, engineers who are good at repairing batteries will repair batteries, and engineers repairing mainboards will repair mainboards, which will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of maintenance.

Intelligent and efficient processes greatly liberate human resources.

During the trial operation of Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center), the average waiting time of consumers was saved by more than 6 minutes, and the average maintenance and consultation time was reduced by 40%.

If you are afraid to wait in a hurry, there are three maintenance progress screens in the middle hall.


You can see the time progress of the four links of queuing, acceptance, inspection and maintenance, and machine pick-up, as well as the information introduction of all employees in the store, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of the maintenance engineer.

If you're afraid of expensive, don't worry about it.

In addition,

Huawei still

If you still play drums in your heart, you feel uneasy.

The cost of equipment maintenance, information and prices of related accessories can be found on Huawei's official website at any time.

Any problems can be directly raised on the spot, until you are satisfied that Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) will solve them.

04 One can watch

Another feature of customer service Huawei the Customer Service Centre (PCCW) is:

Facing customers without fear of inspection.

If there is any problem with the product, you can directly communicate with professional engineers.


In the process of customer service, you can also discuss the appropriate repair plan and obtain professional service suggestions.

This is

The face-to-face service seats have been specially designed to improve the storage capacity by means of dual shared space. It can meet the storage requirements of more than 70 maintenance tools at the same time. Any problems can be solved in one-stop manner.

There is only one purpose, that is to provide customers with more convenient and efficient service.


Most importantly, compared with the previous store environment, Huawei's customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) has truly realized the full transparency of the service process.

You can see with your own eyes the maintenance process, maintenance tools, and real-time maintenance status. Don't worry

You can see the transparency of fault information, maintenance price, spare parts distribution and maintenance process. Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) has really solved the customer's concerns and brought a reassuring service experience.


During the trial operation period, the customer satisfaction of Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center) reached 100% of the adverse weather.

To tell you the truth, the warm, fast and reassuring service quality can not be found out after a visit.

If you want to repair your Huawei products or want to have a good weekend, I sincerely hope you can go to this Huawei customer service center (Beijing Yingke Center).

As Huawei's service center of the highest level at present, there will be more surprises than regrets.

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