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Flagship stores can't sell Shanzhai pinduoduo crazy bad money manufacturers are destroying the ecology

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People's daily issued an article on November 10, quoting a quote: some non-compliance and illegal business behaviors have impacted the market order of network economy. Among them, there are, for example, the quality of goods is not right, the products are fake and shoddy. It is imperative to crack down on the phenomenon of "bad money drives out good money" in e-commerce. The Internet is not a place beyond the law. Seeing this, I also have the courage to send out this article which has been prepared for a month.


Alibaba cloud's double 11 global carnival season continues - the first year of dual core 8g cloud server is 286.44 yuan

Today's technology giants are not easy to deal with. They can limit your current, delete posts, and even label you. Hu Xijin said yesterday that the media should not be attacked by capital. But after all, Internet media platforms are in the hands of these giants.

In order to find out how the old man planted it, my wife and I made more than ten orders in this period.


The first one begins with a can of nuts. Price is half of the supermarket, sales 100000, the best-selling list of top5, praise tens of thousands, of course to buy.

When the goods arrived, as soon as the scale was put on, the jar had 100g, and the net weight of the jar was only 150g. But the title and shopping page are all 250g.

Is this false publicity?

There are many similar, such as this gigantic desiccant, one has 50 grams, heavier than a tea egg.


Search pillows, out of a pile of "Hilton ", many or fight xx advertising customers, sales are 100000. I picked two big sales, one 9.49 yuan, the other 32 pairs.

Although the price is different, the goods are similar. There is only a dazzling blue Hilton logo, no packing bag, no washing mark, no factory name and address.

Is this the pillow for the Hilton at the five star hotel? Is it false propaganda?

Not reconciled, did some homework, in the East found a real Hilton pillow, but not called Hilton, called carnation.

Bought a carnation the cheapest, 89 yuan. It is said that 1365g is twice that of XX Hilton. The important thing is that this time we finally have the packing bag, the washing mark and the name and address of the factory.


Buy children's watches ,8 brands are tfboys Wang Yuan endorsement, are justifiably said to be the same star. These tables, all in the first few screens of the search results ,100000.

Until I turned to the original picture. Wang Yuan did speak for watches, but not a 20 yuan children's watch, but a Xiaobang watch of 30000 yuan.

At spell xx, Wang Junkai, Li now also endorsed a lot of 10 yuan children's watches, also in the search results before a few screens, sold equally hot, sales of 100000.

Is this false propaganda?


xx there are many good-looking brothers. There is a drop of dew brother Feichen, Sophie's sister good Ting. Sales of 100000, comments in a good voice, said to buy the same supermarket.


Is this false propaganda?

Later, it spent 2.1 yuan and 10 yuan, and bought the same kind of picture in other e-commerce companies. It is much heavier, and the anti-skid pads of the back plate are all neatly pasted with XX.


This is very wonderful, the product name is Tricholoma matsutake, a large Tricholoma matsutake on the package, but the list of ingredients has become "edible fungi". Is it false propaganda?


18.8 yuan a catty of beef. Best-selling list 3, sales 100000.

I can't bite. The raw material of shredded soybean is about 10 kg, and the raw material is about 10 yuan. If there is 50% or even 90% soy protein in it, is it called beef or soy protein?

Another expensive one, No. 1, 45 yuan a catty, but it doesn't taste like beef.

Looking at the comments, some people call it duck meat. In the past, the ingredients on the package were duck meat, but now the package label has been changed. So is it duck or beef that I eat?

The most powerful one is the following one, which really sells duck meat, but the title adds "Inner Mongolia specialty" five words, the background is changed into yurts, dried duck meat is bought and Mongolian knife is sent.

When did duck become a specialty of Inner Mongolia? The key is that thousands of comments said that I was very happy when I bought Inner Mongolia beef. The sales volume was 45 thousand.

Pork preserved list of 126 yuan a catty of pork, the price is really cheap. Sales of 100000.

It tastes strange. When you look at the ingredients, there is chicken. This chicken is still in front of the pork. Is it called chicken breast or pork jerky?

I used to know that chicken and chicken bone are used to make dog food. Because it is cheap, today I finally get the same treatment as my dog.



Hi, it's more delicious. The top 10 bestsellers are all Shanzhai Hei eaters of various brands. It's 8.8 yuan / 6 barrels. It's crazy. Although the real hi eater has opened a flagship store in XX, it can't even squeeze into the top 10. Its sales volume is only a small fraction of that of Shanzhai, with a sales volume of 73000.


There is a home stay friend who is buying latex paint in XX, which is as low as dozens or more than 100 yuan a barrel. Latex paint best-selling list, ranked in the top 10, the name has not heard. Look at the package, there is no ten ring certification mark.

Ten ring certification, is the green circle on the left below, which proves that the quality is qualified and environmental protection, and there is no formaldehyde pollution.

I would like to buy a bucket to test, but the test a few thousand yuan, not willing. I suggest that the media and environmental protection organizations buy a few barrels to test. A few days ago, Wang Hai didn't say that the bird's nest sold by Wanghai was sugar water?

Why does the paint without ten ring certification sell more? Maybe because there is a product in the world called "not for his own use". Decoration companies buy back to deceive customers. My friend said that the dilapidated shops around the building materials City were recycled from 10 yuan dolex barrels, filled with other paints, sealed and sold. They sold well.

xx authentic "Dorothy" sales are not good ," Dorothy "is selling very well ,100000 sales, or advertising customers.

Not only is there a happy land, but also a lot of happiness. Yes, four, four and more scholars


Why can't the authentic products sell well? Because of the price. 8 yuan / 6 barrels of Shanzhai, 37.9 yuan / 6 barrels of authentic food on XX.

In another e-commerce company, there was an activity merchant, 34.9 yuan / 6 barrels, which was 3 yuan less than that of XX. If you want to buy authentic products, why are you buying them?


To pick up cheap copy low price, who wants to, but where does the low price come from?

The picture below shows the original charred cashew nuts of Baicao flavor on the left and the charred cashew nuts of Chuanwei Workshop on the right. What is Chuang Wei workshop? In order to sink the market, baicaowei is a separate sub brand, which is cheaper than Baicao.

But you see, the price is low, but things have also changed, into a XX version of fish skin peanut charcoal cashew, flour wrapped very thick, and once wrapped in a layer, you can't see what is inside. What does that mean? My mother-in-law thought she had taken advantage of it. That's just what she thought.


My mother-in-law has always been a thrifty traditional woman. But in the spell XX, in a year, has bought 15000 yuan, more than 500 single, home a pile of new clothes not worn. The medal list is full of medals. I didn't sleep at night. I was still fighting after 11 o'clock. I got 14 night owl medals. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I continued to fight again and got the early bird medal. Look at the things she bought, there are a lot of fake goods. When my daughter-in-law first found out, her head exploded.

The daughter-in-law asked her mother to stop spelling XX, but she didn't do it. One is "greedy" and the other is "afraid" of missing and being locked up. Her daughter-in-law told her that she was only allowed to buy 10 billion yuan of subsidies, but she did not do it. She also told her in turn that "the 10 billion yuan subsidy is so expensive, it must be fake.". Her daughter-in-law no longer gave her a red envelope, only sent the shopping mall pick-up card, but she said that the supermarket was a trap. It was so expensive to compete with XX. She resolutely refused to buy it, and another person pursed at home to spell XX. At least 6 hours a day, I used to go out and sing a song and take a walk. Now I sit at home every day. Receive fake goods do not return, can not return! Know is fake, still give 5 star high praise!

Finally, the daughter-in-law uses the assassin's mace, if she again spell XX, the Spring Festival will not go home. Guess what mother-in-law said? Smilingly, she sent me a live broadcast of 99 yuan Burberry. The daughter-in-law collapsed completely.

There is also a daughter-in-law's uncle, bought tens of thousands, is also a pile of crooked goods, the family directly cut off the network, the mobile phone turned in, and even the phone card was taken out and hidden.


On the surface, these things can't kill people, but it damages the ecology. Like my mother-in-law, once we accept the price of inferior goods, we will think that there is something wrong with the pricing of real goods and good goods. Users were fooled into thinking that what they bought for 20 yuan was beef. Could those real beef still be sold?

The result of ecological destruction is that honest enterprises will be expelled, and manufacturers of inferior products will be popular, and bad money will drive out good money. Genuine hi eaters can only sell a small fraction of counterfeit goods.


I don't know what kind of attitude pinxx has towards this kind of "bad currency manufacturer", but there are two details.

One is the comment function. Whether you use shopping software or take away software, you will find that the negative comments are displayed separately. Because praise can brush, but bad comments are more real. Any platform can't eliminate brush praise, so what to do? Show the bad comments separately to remind users to pay attention.

Once I spent 280 yuan on an e-commerce platform to buy a fake quilt cover, and then wrote a bad comment. The merchant called me five times, and the final conditions scared me: the goods don't need to be returned, they will be refunded directly, and the additional compensation will be 280 yuan. I said, how much money will not be deleted. From this incident, I saw the lethality of bad reviews.

To my surprise, I gave seven or eight bad reviews in XX, and there was no business contact me.

Any platform will receive a large number of products. Unless it is self-employed, it is impossible to screen one by one by hand, and we must rely on users' reports and bad comments to judge. The merchant is willing to buy my bad reviews for 280 yuan, which shows that he knows that if the bad reviews are released, new users will not enter the pit. It also shows that in some e-commerce recommendation systems, the weight of poor evaluation is relatively heavy.

How does the comment function of spell XX work? Negative comments are not displayed separately, only comment keywords are displayed. The key words of bad comments are at the end of the list, or folded, and the key points can be seen by the drop-down arrow.

In this way, the key word to grasp the poor evaluation is quite incomplete. For example, the beef jerky in the picture above shows that there are 9799 comments. When I get to 220 comments, I will pull them to the end. I won't show them all.

OK, you say it's a display strategy problem. It's not necessary to show all the 9000 comments. But among the 200 odd items, I manually screened out 13 bad comments. According to this proportion, out of more than 9000 comments, there are 400 bad reviews, right?

And spell XX keyword display how many bad comments? Only five!

What are the consequences of this design? Some people don't pay attention to the bad comments, and those who notice them feel that they have less bad comments. My mother-in-law, people wearing reading glasses, where can she see clearly there is a folding arrow? See clearly also do not know this kind of arrow is what, at all can't point, she can never see the bad comment.

Behind any detail is the designer's values. What do you want to remind users. Sincerity does not depend on words, but on deeds. What do you want users to see? What are you afraid of seeing?


The second detail, advertisers. 70% of the products mentioned above are advertisers who spell XX. A few years ago, the search for fake advertisements made many people suffer. If there are fake products in e-commerce advertisements, the conversion rate is very high.

Some people say, the bottom right corner of the Page wrote two words, ah, you do not point is. Do people who say that use magnifying glass to study microbes every day? Tens of thousands of people can regard duck meat as Mongolian Beef. How many of you can pay attention to it?

Now these crooked goods want to buy advertisements on the platform. What's the attitude of the platform?


I have an entrepreneur friend who was engaged in e-commerce a few years ago. He was positioned as "good goods with low prices", and reliable goods were the first. Then he tried to make low prices, but he failed. If you lose to your opponent, you will find that you are "good at low price". Low price is the first. On the basis of the lowest price, try your best to do a good job.

My friend said that in the market for the elderly, in the remote market, and in the market where the quality is not clear, it is very difficult for "low price and good goods" to exist. There are always people who will try every means to reduce the price, and then replace the inferior. Users can't tell the good from the bad. What's the solution? Conscience can only withdraw from these markets.

My friend said that a sinking market is a sinking market, and cheating is cheating. These are two things. We should distinguish them clearly, but many people are still confused. Even if I can only afford dog food, I don't want you to sell it to me with "high quality protein". And if you stick high-quality protein on dog food, it's profiteering. The windfall of a bad conscience.


Our present society is too tolerant and indulgent to those who engage in new technologies and new models, and they are even servile. As long as things are sold, developed, and listed on the rich list, they will knock down and beautify these people into heroes, and the media will summarize experience and package concepts for them. Is the entrapment and deception wrapped up by new technology and new mode, not cheating?

The situation is very good, but the price is that people's hearts are getting worse. Overdraft is the trust between people, overdraft is conscience.

In ancient times, there was a stone with 16 characters carved on it at the entrance of the county yamen. People could see it all the time when they went in and out, "Er Feng ER Lu, the people's fat and the people's ointment, the people were easy to abuse, and heaven was hard to deceive." Good and evil will be rewarded in the end. Let's see who can escape.

Source / Lu Hongyan (ID: xixineryi)

Original title: call people's daily attention to online shopping platform

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