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5g mobile phone, free of charge, watching TV, don't just sound beautiful

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Although 5g users have not seen the rapid growth of 5g data for more than a year, 5g users have not seen the rapid growth of 5g data.

Until this week, a senior leader of China Radio and television announced that they had found a breakthrough in 5g, namely 5g NR broadcasting. Can it really become a killer application of 5g?

What black technology is 5g NR broadcasting

5G don't have to repeat it, but


5g air port is not complicated, that is, interface upgrade. As an ordinary consumer, we don't have to worry about high-level technical specifications. We just need to know that 5g NR is not only faster and stronger, but also has a wider range of functions and application scenarios. For example, 5g NR broadcasting is one of them. Under 5g NR broadcasting service, 5g general terminal can receive 5g broadcast signal transmitted under the same wireless resources.

Not all 5g NR broadcasts can be seen

5g NR broadcasting adopts 700MHz 5g commercial base station, and multiple 5g mobile phones can be used as terminals to receive broadcast signals at the same time. Shanghai Nokia bell successfully completed the 700MHz 5g NR broadcast demonstration in the laboratory, and received end-to-end HD video broadcasting service on several 700MHz 5g mobile phones, realizing the free access of mobile phones of multiple operators.


Broadcasting frequency band is n28, not all support

The 703-743 / 758-798mhz band number planned by MIIT for FDD mobile communication system is n28. At present, there are few mobile phones that support the n28 band. After the 5g radio and television is officially put into commercial use, only the mobile phone supporting 700MHz network can be called 5g full Netcom. Not all 5g mobile phones can enjoy the benefits of watching TV for free.

Can China's Radio and television seek a breakthrough

Do you remember the black horse China Radio and television company which was released when it issued the 5g license? China Radio and television entered the 5g Bureau and has the best frequency band resources, which makes many other operators very envious. How to avoid homogeneous competition and form differentiated development with the three traditional operators has become the focus of the industry. China Radio and television believes that 5g NR broadcasting is the breakthrough!


Radio and television has 700MHz golden band

The so-called breakthrough is not only the breakthrough of 5g application level, but also the breakthrough of competitive strength between China Radio and television as a new telecom operator and the three traditional operators. Users can receive 5g digital TV signals free of charge. This news sounds very exciting, but the key to a breakthrough depends on whether there is water in the dam!

Don't stick to the form, the key is to see the content

Today, with the rise of Internet video platform, the challenge of traditional radio and television system is not a little bit. It is an indisputable fact that young people don't like watching TV nowadays. Tiktok and even faster and more short distance video and live broadcast platforms are becoming increasingly popular among older people. Whether Kwai Tsing system can attract high-quality audiences is the key.


Mobile phone TV tiktok

Nowadays, China's film and television market has begun to develop towards the foreign situation. For example, CBS, HBO, Netflix, such as TV stations such as CBS, HBO and Netflix, are becoming a new trend of investment, self-made, independent broadcast and high-quality TV series. In other words, what TV stations will fight for in the future is still high-quality content, rather than in the form of mobile phones, computers, TV, cable or wireless.

Don't turn 5g radio into 5g advertisement

With all due respect, is the decline of radio and television due to the lack of a wide range of access? The answer is clearly no. After all, China's cable TV network was built earlier than later broadband network and mobile communication network, and almost every household can access cable broadband. What really makes people give up radio and television is actually the change of fast-paced and fragmented viewing habits.


Why not mobile TV? Why not? Why not say that the so-called future radio and television can adapt to the fast-paced user habits in the future, and whether it can create more attractive high-quality content based on the new user habits is the more critical fundamental. It would be a waste of resources to turn 5g NR radio into 5g NR ads with such stinky and long TV dramas and endless brainwashing advertisements!

Today is an era of media platform blowout, people are always chasing the change of technology and form, but they ignore the essence of content as the king. The mode of watching TV with mobile phone has been existed for a long time, whether it is hardware or software, but it is not popular. The so-called wine is not afraid of deep alley, do not stick to the form, the key is to see the content!



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