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Trapped in the rumor of "cheating express brother", she decided to come forward and ask for an answer

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In the past week, more than 20 media have contacted Wu Li for interviews. The number of her Weibo fans has increased from more than 2000 to more than 16000, and more than 1000 private messages have been received. More than five months after it was rumored that the "cheating express brother" had a far-reaching impact on Wu Li. She felt that the abyss she had fallen into was "not something I could climb out of if I wanted to.".

Influenced by this incident, she was advised to step back from her former unit. In November, Wu Li tried to find a new job, but she repeatedly met with a wall. In her opinion, she had been close to "social death".

Wu Li doesn't want to show a "miserable" attitude in front of the public. She tries to take the initiative. From the beginning, when she knew the news, she took the initiative to call the police and collect evidence, submitted criminal private prosecution and evidence materials of the rumor suspected of slandering her to the court, and now she helps those women who write private letters on Weibo. Wu Li hopes that she can become a case. Her experience tells them, "it's hard to get out, but it's not a dead end.", You have a chance to see the light.

Now, waiting for the result of the court is the most important thing for Wu Li. "I hope I can let them know how much the" play "and" joke "they say will have on the victims.". Zheng Jingjing, Wu Li's lawyer, told reporters in Shenzhen that the court said in her communication whether the case was filed or not will be given a formal reply in the near future.


The rumor "packaged" the fabricated wechat chat records with Wu Li's video and spread them on the Internet

An abyss hard to climb out of

At this time, more than five months have passed since Wu Li was rumored to be "cheating express brother".

In early July, song Kai, who opened a supermarket near the gate of Wu Li's neighborhood, released a 9-second video in the express station next to the supermarket from a group of 275 local car friends. Wu Li, who was waiting to pick up the items, entered the mirror. In the video, Wu Li is wearing a knee length floral dress and white lace high heels. Later, Wang Tao, a group friend, contacted song Kai and decided to "juggle" the group. Wang Tao pretends to be Wu Li with a trumpet and chats with song Kai, who plays the role of "express brother", on wechat. In the chat message, the two have sex twice, and the fabricated chat content is live broadcast in the group. A month later, on August 4, Wu Li's video and fabricated chat records were packed and sent to another group by a group friend. Since then, rumors of Wu Li's "cheating express brother" began to spread.

After the rumors spread, her colleagues, leaders and community owners all knew about it. Wu Li was dissuaded by her work unit and her boyfriend Xu Jian left because she couldn't take care of her work.

At the end of November, Wu Li's previous experience was re noticed because of the "Tsinghua student sister" incident. When she was contacted by the media again, she hesitated: will the impact of the event be magnified after the interview?

Originally, November was the starting point for Wu Li to step out of the closed state and try to reintegrate into society. The express station was just outside the main gate of the community, less than 100 meters away from Wu Li's residence. When a rumor comes out, she needs to go out of the door. Even if there was an express to pick up, she was just waiting in the garden downstairs when she went downstairs with her boyfriend. From November, she can walk out of the main gate alone and pick up the express by passing song Kai's supermarket. The situation seems to be getting better, but when she began to make up her mind to look for a job, Wu Li realized that the "abyss" she fell into because of being slandered by Internet rumors was not that she could come out if she wanted to climb out.

She was originally in the position of assistant to the general manager and needed to contact with the cooperative enterprises on behalf of the company. When the interviewer asked her reasons for leaving her last company, she told her story. "The interviewer will understand," ah, it's you. ". Next, they will comfort me and express their sympathy for me. But when it's over, it's the end of the conversation. "

After the interview, Wu Li never received any response from the recruiter. She felt that it was this "rumored" experience that made the company reluctant to admit itself, "if I was a human resource, I would not want myself. After all, companies hire people to solve problems, not to create problems. ".

"Society pushed me back into the abyss and said," you'd better stay in it. " What frightened Wu Li was that she didn't know when the external environment would allow her to come out of the "abyss." it might be another three or five months, maybe a year or two, or it would last forever? All this is unknown.

Wu Li didn't ask the enterprise why she was not admitted again, "it's too shameful.". She is not willing to tell the media about her specific experience. In her opinion, "no matter how entangled with this matter, it will not change the attitude of the enterprise, it will only make itself more and more trapped.".

And to accept media interviews means that the heat of the event will rise again, and its influence on itself will continue. "If I follow my heart, I won't give any media interviews. I hope you forget me. Between agreeing to the first media interview in November and the reporter's arrival in Hangzhou, Wu Li fell into worry and fear, "I know this is not the way I want to choose, but I really want to choose this way.".

She compared the feeling to bungee jumping. "People who have the courage to jump down are afraid at first. Although afraid, but will still choose to jump. In her view, now she has the obligation to stand out, "after all, I was the one who chose to stand up at the beginning.".


Wu Li received rumors from 198 netizens

Need an answer

In the early morning of August 7, a friend in Beijing saw a rumor message forwarded by someone in the wechat group, so that two friends in the same neighborhood as Wu Li told Wu Li in person. The rumor about "Billy" has been on the Internet for 3 days.

"The whole person is ignorant", that night, Wu Li repeatedly played that 9 seconds video of her taking delivery. She didn't understand, in a "ordinary to no more ordinary" delivery scene, she did not wear exposed, nor any frivolous behavior, how could she hook up with the explicit chat record behind?

Call the police. This is Wu Li's first reaction. At that time, she did not know the scope of the news, who was the rumor maker, and whether she had personal information about her. This was the "only choice.". Until on the morning of August 7, Wu Li had just seen the owner group and began to discuss this matter before preparing to call the police. She knew that the incident had spread in the community. "At the beginning, I just thought it was seen by my friends when it was spread in a small area. I never thought that people around would know about it, and even people from all over the country would see the news.".

At more than 4 a.m. on August 8, she decided to step up and give a public account of the incident in her circle of friends, in which she wrote, "choosing to stand up and say these things is not entirely for self justification. I don't know how many women have experienced, are experiencing, or may encounter the same situation as me in the future. I just hope that I will not shrink back and fight to the end. "

On August 13, Yuhang branch of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a written decision on administrative punishment to song Kai and Wang Tao, holding them in custody for nine days for "openly insulting and slandering others by using information networks, which is a serious case.".

After consulting the lawyer, Wu Li began to release help seeking information to everyone through wechat and microblog, hoping that you could give her the screenshot of the channel to see the rumor as evidence for later rights protection. A total of 198 netizens sent information, and statistics revealed that the rumor had read at least more than 60 thousand people in WeChat group and official account.

On August 15, Wu Li received a phone call from the company's human resources department to persuade her to quit. "Human resources told me to have a good rest at home, and use the rest time to look for a job.". Her boyfriend Xu Jian's job requires frequent business trips, so he left to take care of her.

During that time, Wu Li often wandered around aimlessly at home. "Once she stopped, I felt something in her heart was going to explode.". Xu Jian recalled that when he was sitting in the chair, Wu Li would come over and hug him without saying a word, or squat down beside his leg, put her head on his knee and began to cry, "if you ask her to coax her, she will not pay attention to you, and will not reply to you, you will let her have a place to cry on."

Wu Li has no way to have a good rest. She will have all kinds of nightmares, some being chased, some meeting ghosts. More often than not, she would wake up with a twitch or a sudden "ah" scream. On September 8, she was diagnosed with depression in the hospital.

At the end of August, Wu Li and Xu Jian asked for a settlement with song Kai, Wang Tao, and Tao, who forwarded the information. One was to release the apology video publicly, and the other was to compensate each person for more than 58600 yuan, including Wu Li's six-month salary, Xu Jian's three-month salary, lawyer's consulting fee, notarization fee, etc. In the end, the settlement was not reached.

Song Kai told reporters in Shenzhen that he did bring harm to Wu Li, but disagreed with the amount of compensation, "they did not provide the salary details of Wu Li and her boyfriend, I can not compensate. In addition, I don't agree with the requirement to compensate her boyfriend's salary. If her boyfriend does, her seven aunts and aunts will have to pay compensation if they lose their jobs? "

Wu Li's lawyer Zheng Jingjing told reporters that Tao had recently reached a settlement with Wu Li.

Now when she goes out and passes by song Kai's convenience store, Wu Li will unconsciously pay attention to the passenger flow in the store. "Every time I pass by, I can see people coming in and out, and there are a lot of people. It seems that his life has not been affected at all.". According to Wu Li's understanding, Wang Tao also continued to work in the original unit, "to them, this thing seems to have never happened.".

In March this year, Wu Li and Xu Jiangang moved from Beijing to Hangzhou to start a new life. They had planned to discuss marriage this year, but the plan was interrupted by a sudden rumor. From the beginning to the end, what has puzzled Wu Li is, "clearly I didn't do anything, and the consequences of all this are borne by me alone?"

At the end of October, Wu Li submitted to the people's Court of Yuhang District the criminal indictment and evidence materials of song Kai and Wang Tao suspected of slandering her. Zheng Jingjing said that according to a notarial certificate submitted by them, the "whose wife, your head has been green to glow" released by a certain we media number! "The official account of the public address is over ten thousand. Zheng Jingjing said, "according to the judicial interpretation, if the defamation information has been browsed more than 5000 times, it can be considered as serious. We think that the evidence we submitted has reached this standard and should be able to file a case.".

Song Kai said that when the court's verdict comes down, he will bear the corresponding responsibility. "Originally, it was a joke in the group. Two or three days after the issue, I clarified in the group and said it was fake. I didn't expect to make so much noise after being transferred out. ".

"Even if I don't want to make any compensation, I have to let them know that they are breaking the law.". In Wu Li's opinion, she needs an answer from the law in order to put an end to this matter.


In the past week, Wu Li has received more than 1000 private messages from Weibo, and many women beset by rumors turn to her for help

"People like me"

Netizens in Northeast China made a snowman and gave it to Wu Li by taking pictures. Wu Li repeatedly opened it and looked at it several times. A male netizen left a message telling Wu Li to take good care of herself and shared a good news with her, "I'm going to be a father.". Some private messages send encouragement words as long as a whole screen. "I will try my best to return as long as possible as long as others send me." Xu Jian thinks that it is a rare happy thing for the two people after the accident that they can send so many blessings.

The original intention to come forward at the beginning has also been responded to. Since her public encounter on Weibo, there have been messages from the same women as her encounter. Most of them live in small cities. They are in their early 20s, just entering the society, and even have 18-year-old students. Rumors spread in their communities or schools. "There are basically two types of rumors. One is that you are cheating, and the other is that you are a sex worker.".

Wu Li, a 22-year-old girl, used to sleep in a rented room. For a long time, she often saw people pointing at her in the community, "that is the girl who picked up the guests that night.". The sound insulation effect of some girls' rooms is not good. At night, their voices can be heard, and they are also rumored to be "receiving guests". There are also female students who have just transferred to other schools. Somehow, they are said to have improper sexual relations with their teachers.

Wu Li is worried about them. "At their age, not to mention consulting lawyers, they may not even know how to report a case.". Around them, no one can even talk to them. Some parents persuade them to "recognize the planting" and "if they go to the police, they will spread all over the place, and we will all know that it is very humiliating.". The girl who couldn't find the exit told Wu Li, "sister, I can't see any hope. I want to end my life.".

Wu Li decided to face it with them, "I am a person who has come here. I will tell them that although this road is not easy to go, there is still a way to go."

Encouraged by Wu Li, the 22-year-old girl went to report the case. However, due to lack of sufficient evidence, the case was not successful, "but she at least fought for it.". Later, the girl moved out of the original rental community. A while ago, she sent a message to tell Wu Li that she was slowly coming out of this matter.

For those women who can collect evidence and want to disclose their experiences to the public, Wu Li will give them a "preventive injection" in advance. You will face many good voices, but there will be bad voices. Your personal information will also be leaked, and even someone will come to you. Can you accept these problems?

"I tell them the analysis of the situation, and the choice is always in their own hands." Wu Li said.

With more attention paid to her own affairs, Wu Li has received more help. She began to have a new plan for the future. Maybe she could build a public welfare platform for lawyers, psychological counselors and the media on the one hand, and women troubled by rumors on the other. For Wu Li, if her original work field can no longer accept her, this matter may become a way for her to re connect with society. "I want to tell people who have the same experience as me that it is difficult to walk out, but this is not a dead end. You have a chance to see the light.".

Wu Li plans to take off her mask and face the public in a real way when her case comes to an end. "At that time, I was no longer a" victim ", no longer a pseudonym" Ms. Wu ", but a person who wanted to help the rumored female group.


It was nearly 11 p.m. before Wu Li had time for dinner

Life changed by rumors

Wu Li doesn't want to present herself in front of everyone with the posture of "selling miserably". In an interview, she often describes herself as "strong" and "strong", but it is undeniable that being rumored has changed her more or less.

During the interview, the reporter can only communicate with her boyfriend Xu Jian, and then Xu Jian will convey the information to Wu Li. Wu Li has become averse to telephone communication, which is a direct and immediate way of contact. By comparison, she thinks that the way of text communication will be better. She can control the right to reply to a message. "I can consider whether to reply to this message and how to reply.".

Wu Li keeps a sense of distance from the outside world. Most of the time, she sends messages to her, usually waiting for a few hours before receiving a reply. She turned off all the prompts and vibrations of her mobile phone. When she wasn't using her mobile phone, she put it upside down on the desktop. If she didn't turn on the phone to check, she would not notice that someone had sent her a message.

After the incident, Wu Li reexamined her circle of friends, emptied her mobile phone address book, and successively deleted wechat contacts from more than 500 to more than 200. "I want those people who are not so familiar with me to forget me as soon as possible, and I hope that I will not be the topic of their discussion.".

The "melon eating" behavior of people she knew was hard for her to accept. After the rumors began to spread, many people who knew her knew the situation before her. Some people who had not been in touch for a long time suddenly chatted with her on wechat. Later, Wu Li asked her again. Someone confessed, "at that time, I felt that this was false, and I was curious about whether it was true. Finally, I didn't mean to ask.". There are also colleagues who secretly take videos of her work when she is still unaware of her work and spread them in wechat groups.

Wu Li began to examine herself, whether she was too unprepared and kind-hearted before, which caused this thing to happen to her. Once upon a time, Wu Li was a "little expert in community communication" in the eyes of her friends. In Beijing, she keeps a good relationship with the grandparents in the community. She always greets them when they meet and often goes to the neighbor's house for dinner. "Once you are willing to open yourself up, the relationship will naturally connect.". Now, she has deleted the wechat and other contact information of her neighbors in Hangzhou. "In the future, at least in this community, I will certainly not be like before.".

Wu Li doesn't like going out so much. In the past, on the day off, she always liked to go out with her boyfriend, where to play and what to eat. Now, she seems to be not interested in many things, "or feel that home is the most secure and relaxing place.".

Wu Li thinks that outside, the world surrounded by mobile phones is full of danger: some people hold up their mobile phones to take a picture of the flow of people or a certain scene. Some people may lift their mobile phones a little higher because of their different reading habits. Xu Jian will try to keep away from the camera lens as soon as possible. Once carefully observed, Wu Li felt that she would encounter such a "dangerous" situation almost every time she went out.

When passing by the gate of song Kai's store, she sees a single woman go in. Wu Li is worried for no reason. "Now he can install a camera in the store, and pinch a piece of material. I'm an empty rich woman. What role can you be made into?"

In Xu Jian's opinion, his girlfriend is a person who can "disguise" and is only willing to present his good state in front of others. In recent days, after several late night interviews, Wu Li didn't even want to wash herself and went straight to bed. Over the past four months, every time she faced different reporters, she had to recall the whole incident again, "for her, her nerves have been in a tense state.". In the face of reporters, she just apologized over and over for not taking care of too many recent visitors.

"I can't be like Popeye. I can eat spinach and become strong instantly." Wu Li thinks that most of her changes are phased. "When the court has a result on this case, my life will gradually get better.".

(in order to protect the privacy of the interviewees, Wu Li, Xu Jian, song Kai and Wang Tao are pseudonyms)

Reporter / Han Qian intern reporter / Ji Jiawen

Editor / Ji Wei

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