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Sony's third generation noise reduction experience: comparable to the strongest combat power of real wireless noise reduction headphones

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If you don't care about the shape and configuration parameters and want to see the conclusion directly, just slide to the last part.

Charging box slimming success, the appearance is still unique


The change of Sony wf-1000xm4 is obvious from the packaging. It adopts a very Mini packaging design, and the material also uses green recyclable materials such as bamboo, sugarcane and recycled paper. The texture is also the unique feeling of environmental protection materials, and the packaging style is obviously different from the previous one.

The outer "waist cover" is a one-time design, which can't be stuck on after being torn off. This is also a very protective and intimate design for consumers.


The accessories attached to Sony wf-1000xm4 are very simple and compact. Apart from the conventional type-C cable and two sets of extra earplugs, the rest is the brochure.

This generation of products use a new polyurethane earplug, which has a certain improvement in wearing comfort and passive noise isolation performance. This material is also known as foam, which is used in most sleep earplugs.


Many users of the noise reduction beans of the last generation make complaints about the volume of the charging box is too big and not easy to carry. SONY WF-1000XM4 has obviously listened to the user's opinion. The size of the charging box has been reduced by 40% compared with the old one. It looks really small and many, and it will not feel awkward in the pocket.

Perhaps due to the limitation of the earphone shape, charging is not as flat as the TWS earphone box of many mobile phone manufacturers. By contrast, it gives people a feeling of being short and fat, but it does not affect the portability.

In addition, Sony wf-1000xm4's charging box not only reduces the size, but also increases the support for Qi standard wireless charging, which makes up for the regret of the previous generation. However, there is obvious shaking at the rotating shaft of the charging box cover in my hand, which may be due to the engineering prototype or individual reasons. I hope it can be improved in the retail version.


Sony wf-1000xm4 earphone still adopts the form of buds products, but there are great changes in the appearance design. The whole appearance is more rounded and compact. The whole exposed part extends upward and adds the element of golden circle. In essence, this is one of the microphones in the earphone, and the other microphone is on the top of the earphone.

The largest part of the outside area is its touch area, which is sensitive and rich in function support.


It should be noted that the Sony wf-1000xm4 is a bit "picky" for the user's ears due to its special appearance design, so individual colleagues of geek's choice can't hold it well.

For me, the new earplug material plus the high fit of the auricle, comfort and stability are good. Moreover, the single ear weight of this generation of earphones has been reduced from 8.5g to 7.3g, so the comfort of wearing them for a long time has been improved, and the weight of the charging box has also been reduced from 77g to 71g.


According to the official announcement, Sony wf-1000xm4 can provide 12 hours of battery life at a time when noise reduction is turned off, 8 hours when noise reduction is turned on, and the headset box can provide two additional power supplements, that is to say, the longest battery life can be provided when noise reduction is turned off is 36 hours, and the longest battery life can be reached when noise reduction is turned on is 24 hours.

After the volume of the headset body and the charging box has shrunk, the endurance performance of Sony wf-1000xm4 has also been improved by a small margin, which surprised me. For non heavy users like me, a single charge can basically meet the demand of one week.

All round hardware upgrade

Sony wf-1000xm4 has a comprehensive upgrade in the hardware specifications. Naturally, the most concerned is the noise reduction processor. The previous generation of noise reduction beans used qn1e noise reduction processor, which is the same series as QN1 on wh-1000xm3. The new generation of noise reduction beans used the newly developed integrated processor v1.

The reason why it is called integrated processor is that it integrates noise reduction processor. The official said that V1 has absorbed and improved the noise reduction performance of qn1e, with stronger performance and lower power consumption, which should be one of the reasons for its improved endurance.


Not only does it have a better processor, Sony wf-1000xm4 is also equipped with a 6mm drive unit with flexible diaphragm, which can increase the magnetic capacity by 20% and enhance the low-frequency performance. As mentioned in the previous article, it has a dual feedback microphone, which can capture more ambient sound and naturally has better noise reduction effect.

The new polyurethane earplug is not only comfortable to wear, but also can increase the contact surface between the earplug and ear canal, so as to achieve better physical noise reduction effect, which gives it the capital to challenge the headset.

Sony wf-1000xm4 adopts Bluetooth 5.2 technology and supports independent connection between left and right ears. These are normal operations. What's exciting is that Sony wf-1000xm4 supports LDAC Bluetooth transmission technology, and it's the first true wireless headset that supports hi res wireless.


In addition, Sony's "metaphysical" black technology dsee extreme also appeared in it, and 360 reality audio was not absent. To my surprise, Sony wf-1000xm4 is also equipped with microphone beamforming and bone conduction sensor. These two functions are not bone conduction headphones in the traditional sense, which can pick up sound accurately and let users hear each other's voice clearly.

In a word, this time Sony wf-1000xm4 can not be described as full configuration in terms of hardware accessories and technical specifications. It can be said that it is the king of wireless headphones.

Low frequency surging, real wireless noise reduction headset combat ceiling

In conclusion, as stated in the subtitle, Sony wf-1000xm4 is indeed the best real wireless headset in terms of noise reduction performance at present, and because of the hardware configuration and the blessing of LDAC and hi res wireless, its sound quality performance is also in the first echelon of real wireless headphones.


The reason why Sony wf-1000xm4 can become the most excellent noise reduction product in real wireless headphones lies in many aspects. First, from the hardware specifications, the integrated processor V1 improves the noise reduction performance compared with qn1e; Polyurethane earplug can effectively isolate noise and improve the passive noise reduction ability of earphone; Dual feedback microphone can capture more ambient sound and provide stable noise reduction effect in various environments.

I have experienced the typical scenes of downtown busy streets, subway and office. Sony wf-1000xm4 can provide very powerful noise reduction effect. The most important thing is that it will not bring pressure or other discomfort. Compared with the wh-1000xm3 headset, there is almost no difference in noise reduction performance.

In noisy streets and subways, except for the conversation of vehicles or people very close to me, other sounds can be "silenced" by earphones. In office scenes, the ambient noise and conversation are almost completely isolated. Even the sound of mechanical keyboard can be reduced by more than 90%. If it is a relatively quiet axis such as red axis or tea axis, Almost can not hear the sound of the keyboard, this is the past many noise reduction headphones are not very good to suppress the part.

Unfortunately, I haven't been on a business trip recently, so I haven't been able to experience it on the plane. However, according to other results, the engine sound with relatively constant frequency on the plane is not a problem.

"Status" is easy to understand, which refers to the current status, volume and track information of the headset. Users can also turn on Sony's signature adaptive sound control here. This function can switch different noise reduction modes by monitoring users' actions and fixed locations. Users can also customize settings and add fixed locations in the menu.


"Sound" is the core part. Users can set noise reduction mode, smart pick-up free, equalizer, Bluetooth connection quality, 360 reality audio and dsee extreme here. The following functions will be discussed when talking about the sound quality. The user can set three modes: noise reduction, ambient sound and turn off. The ambient sound provides 20 gear adjustments. In addition to the standard mode, the automatic wind noise reduction function is also available in the noise reduction mode. This mode is very useful for windy weather or riding.


Users who have used noise reduction earphones must know that when the wind is strong or riding fast, in addition to the normal wind noise, the feedback microphone will transmit a lot of "wheat blowing" sound into the ear due to the influence of the wind, which greatly reduces the noise reduction effect.

After the automatic wind noise reduction function is turned on, there is no difference between the normal mode and the standard mode. When the wind noise is detected, a certain ambient sound will be turned on, and then the sound of "blowing wheat" disappears. The actual experience is excellent.

Of course, I would also like to remind you that if you are riding in a place with complex road conditions, turning on the ambient sound can improve your safety to a certain extent.


Smart pick free is also a good function. This function is very simple. When the headset detects the user's voice, it will automatically switch to the ambient sound. If the user's voice is not detected after 15 seconds, it will switch back to the noise reduction mode.

In addition to powerful algorithm, this function should also have bone conduction sensor in play, the actual effect is really good.


In the "system", users can set voice assistant, customize touch function, change the default operation of earphone and determine the best earplug. As the name suggests, the function of determining earplug allows users to choose the most suitable earplug. It is realized by testing the air tightness of earplug. In fact, it is also a part of improving the performance of noise reduction.


Finally, let's talk about sound quality. With the blessing of LDAC and hi res wireless, Sony wf-1000xm4 should have a very high lower limit of sound quality performance. Because it uses a 6mm driving unit with flexible diaphragm, its performance in the low frequency part is impressive, and its low frequency sense is obvious, and it is not that loose feeling. If you listen to like a G6, you can fully show its surging low frequency performance.

For those who want to turn on LDAC, it is necessary to give priority to sound quality in Bluetooth connection quality. Otherwise, even if you manually switch to LDAC mode, the application will automatically switch back to AAC or SBC.

After opening the LDAC, you can feel the details of the sound more abundant, and you can feel this change in all styles, especially in some songs with more prominent voices. As for whether dsee extreme is metaphysics or not, it will not be discussed in this paper.


When the real wireless noise reduction headset was first launched, most people only care about the noise reduction performance, because the noise reduction principle does not demand the performance of sound quality. However, with the progress of algorithm, the wireless connection mode with larger bandwidth, and Sony's hi res Wireless Certification, its sound quality performance has reached a relatively excellent level.

As for the delay, I used the special training ground of peace elite to carry out the gunshot test, using SBC, AAC and LDAC modes respectively. The delay performance in SBC mode is not bad, and it basically does not affect the game experience, but it is still a little behind those mobile phone manufacturers who have done full link optimization.

In addition, the delay in AAC and LDAC modes will increase a little, but the difference is very small. If it is not for the game type with high delay requirements, such as audio game or gunfight, it will not have any impact.


On the whole, Sony wf-1000xm4 has greatly improved compared with the previous generation. Noise reduction and sound quality are the two most important indicators of true wireless earphones. Noise reduction is the best in the current true wireless noise reduction earphones. The support of LDAC ensures its sound quality better.

Many regrets in the previous works have also been improved, and the portability and endurance are satisfactory enough. It can be said that Sony wf-1000xm4 has excellent product strength and completion. It is not too much to call it the benchmark level in the true wireless headset. But it's stronger and more expensive. If you can accept the price of 1999 yuan, it's definitely worth considering.



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