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What is the Yuan Universe? Why do you pay attention to it? - Decoding Yuan Universe

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 19th: What is Yuan Universe? Why do you pay attention to it? - Decoding Yuan Universe

Reporter / Hu Wei, Wen Jinghua

Technologies and investors have joined. The concept of Yuancai is popular in the capital market, and a large number of large companies have announced the layout of the Yuancai Market ... Recently, Yuancai has become a hot topic in technology and capital. What is the Yuan Universe? Why do you pay attention to it? The reporter interviewed relevant companies and experts to decode the universe together.

  What is the Yuan Universe?

The Yuan Coso begins with the two concepts of "Metaverse" and "Avatar" mentioned in the "avalanche" mentioned in 1992. People can have their own virtual avatars in "Metaverse", this virtual world is called "Yuan Universe".

Shenyang, Executive Director of the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University, said that the Yuan Coso is a new type of virtuality and social application and social forms that are incorporated by many new technologies. It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, and digital twin technology generation real world. Mirroring, through the block chain technology to build an economic system, closely fuse the virtual world with the real world in economic systems, social systems, and identity systems, and allow each user to perform content production and editing.

"Yuan Yin is not a technology, but a concept and concept, it needs to integrate different new technologies, such as 5G, 6G, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., emphasize the faintness." Shenyang said.

Shenyang introduces that the Yuan Yum has the following core technologies: First, expand reality technology, including VR and AR. Extended reality technology can provide an immersive experience that can solve problems that do not solve mobile phones.

The second is that the numbers have to mirror the real world to the virtual world. This also means that in the Yuancosian, we can see a lot of virtual fractions.

The third is to use the zone chain to build an economic system. With the further development of the Yuan Universe, we have strengthened the simulation of the entire real society. We may not only spend money, but it is possible to make money, so it also forms an economic system in the virtual world.

  Why do you want to pay attention to the Yuan Universe?

Each technology iteration and innovation will mean a new opportunity, new challenge, and a new beginning.

Recently, the industry faces a series of actions, including Facebook, renamed "Meta", from "MetaVerse". Such a large Internet business decides to rename, from the side, the Yuan Universe has been really cut closely, and the era of real society and the virtual world is whistling.

At present, the main bottleneck of the Internet is the platform shape of the inner-cooled platform. It has long lack breakthrough in the content carrier, propagation method, interactive mode, participation and interactivity, etc., resulting in "no development growth".

Technology is eager for new products, capital finds new exports, users are looking forward to new experience, experts analyzing pointed out that Yuan Universe is like a belonging to the Internet, you don't simply browse in Yuanhe, but in content Among them. From the Internet 1.0, 2.0 to the mobile Internet, the metacular universe may be the next new Internet era of the mobile Internet.

Due to the application in the field of game, some people think that the Yuan Universe is equivalent to the video games and virtual world. This is an expert to express a different opinion, and the Yuan Universe cannot be simply equivalent to electronic games, and it is not equivalent to the virtual world. It is a creative play, open exploration, communication with reality.

In recent years, Baidu relies on a series of leading artificial intelligence technology capabilities, including intelligent visual, intelligent voice, natural language processing, knowledge map, etc. Production costs will usher in a substantial decrease, and promote the upgrade of the hardware consumption experience and the improvement of content production efficiency.

Yuan Universe will become the second space parallel to the real world. "Ma Jie believes that the Yuanhe Vice President Master is essentially the virtualization and digitization process of the real world, and needs to be produced, economical, user experience and entity. World content, etc. However, the development of Yuanhe is a step-by-step, which is constantly fusion, and final formation of many tools and platforms under the support of shared infrastructure, standards and protocols.

  What are the other aspects of the Yuanhe?

The concept of Yuancos is desirable, but it is not only a picture, but also solves the demand of multiplayers. Different from traditional online games, online conferences, high-performance, high interactive and high-immersion requirements of high interactive and high immersion requires that virtual space needs to be able to accommodate more than ten million users.

During the development of the Yuan Universe, it will also encounter new issues such as value ethics, virtual space management, and requires the regulatory authorities to further standardize. Sun Jiashan, a Home Research Institute, asked: "When the real space encounters virtual space, in addition to paying attention to the change in technology development, more need to pay more attention to the meaning of 'value' itself, to include an orderly policy supervision into it, protect the industry Health and orderly development. "

At this stage, Yuan Coso is still a constant evolving, continuous development concept, and different participants will constantly enrich its meaning, need to be alert to capital kidnappers, ethical risks, legislative supervision blanks.

"There is a part of the company's heat of the universe begins to circle, and there is still something in the metamorphic, these phenomena is worth paying attention. The public is good, capital is good, everyone needs to keep rational prudent." Shenyang told reporters During this process, the development of key technologies is to be further advanced, and the foam, negative issues that appear in the metacular, need to be accurately governed.

"Yuan Yin is a future, a large extent, which is now a biggest time that can occupy the initiative." Ma Jie said, wanting it in the shortest time, but also need it The organic cooperation of society, whether it is technology company, content company or capital, need to start from underlying technology to find a breakthrough in content ecosystem.

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