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Musk says don't touch your phone!

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The author /IT Times reporter Wang Xin

Apple makes cars, Tesla makes mobile phones -- beating the opponent in the way he is best at is not only the highest realm of The Martial arts sword, but also seems to be the two companies to completely beat the opponent, laughing.

The failure to enter the automobile market as early as possible is considered to be a rare strategic failure of Apple in recent years. Now, Apple is following the trend of intelligent electric vehicles into the automobile market after the "lonely failure" of the mobile phone related market. Tesla is also more and more frequently reported to make mobile phone news, recently released by the foreign media tesla phone rendering is the development of Tesla mobile phone news thoroughly heated.


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Unfortunately, tesla making a phone seems like a bad idea compared to Apple making a car. It seems to me that the mobile market is going to be a quagmire for Tesla, no matter how charismatic and magical Elon Musk is.

So whether or not Tesla launches a phone, here's musk's advice: Don't touch the phone. There are three reasons:

First, today is different.It seems that When Tesla entered the automobile market, it also plunged into the mature market, driving industrial revolution through innovative products and seizing the market. However, compared with traditional cars, the electric intelligent vehicles created by Tesla are still fundamentally revolutionary and upgraded. It can be said that Tesla seeks to reduce the impact by differentiated products.

If Tesla makes a phone, will it be different enough to be compelling? Not necessarily, or very difficult. There is nothing new under the sun, and we can't see the "trump cards" that Tesla phones can use with our binoculars. Some people may cite some potential "high-energy applications" of Tesla phones, but do they really work?

Second, there is a shortage of selling points.According to overseas media reports, Tesla's Model PI is a powerful phone with a number of subversive designs that don't quite make sense on close inspection.

For example, if the Tesla phone can photograph the universe, assuming that is true, the innovation will surely focus on optical lenses and imaging devices, something tesla is not known to have done. Tesla once secured industrial chain companies and technologies such as Panasonic Battery, but the head optical lens manufacturers such as Chua's and Leica have long been divided up by mobile phone manufacturers, leaving Little room for cooperation and self-research.


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As reported by the media, the most cutting-edge "Starlink Internet" function of Tesla mobile phone requires no SIM card and signal base station, and the Internet speed is as high as 210Mbps! It could even kill telecom operators around the world! I have to say that the technology mode of "Starlink online" is established, but there is still a long way to go in industrialization and scale. Not to mention the power consumption, antenna, coverage, policy and other factors of satellite Internet access, the Internet speed alone, even in today's 5G covered streets, your 5G mobile phone may not be able to guarantee a high speed of 210Mbps, let alone the "starlink Internet".

Other experts point to cryptocurrency as a potential killer feature on Tesla's phone. While it's a fascinating feature that could enthrall a large number of "just need" users, cryptocurrency is so exposed to policy risks around the world that it has little chance of gaining widespread adoption. Roses are beautiful, but too prickly.

Third, there are phone secrets. Musk hasn't studied any of them.In order to dominate the mobile phone market, at least three hard indicators must be passed - chip, ecology, radio frequency. Apple has built a wall straight into the atmosphere in the chip and ecological fields, and no rival can surpass it for the time being. In 5G and other rf fields, Apple is still working hard, and Tesla has not started yet. Besides, this is a field highly dependent on technological accumulation, so It is almost impossible for Tesla to "drop from the sky". So it's a bit far-fetched for Tesla to try to dominate the mobile market.

Wouldn't Musk be an international version of Luo Yonghao if he sold his phone solely on fandom?

So when will Musk be ready to enter the mobile business? Half-jokingly, he might one day be able to raise his arms and shout: attention, people of Mars: if you don't buy my cell phone, you have to use my pay phone.

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