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Three question yuan universe: Is it hype or trend? What can I bring? Is it suitable for ordinary people?

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China New Jingwei December 18th (Changt Tao Zhao Jiaran Lin Jian) When we talk about Yuancos, what are we talking about? game? Virtual real estate? Still a remote meeting that is just targeted? These are the essence of the Yuan Universe? The Yuanyuan universe is hidden by a few points?

One question: Is the Yuan universe speculation or trend?

Yuancos fire in 2021. In March, the sandbox game platform Roblox is listed, detonated the Yuan Cosmic Concept. In October, the Facebook was renamed "Meta", which stimulated the enthusiasm of the market.

In China, in August, the byte beats huge sums of money to acquire domestic leading VR entrepreneurial company Pico, triggering market hot discussion. In addition, Huawei, Ali, Tencent and other technology Internet companies, three major operators also lay out of the Yuan Cos. At the same time, the domestic yuan universe market also presents another scene: everything is in the universe.

From the initial metacular game, Yuan Coso training, Yuancai mine, and then to nearly paying attention to the frying house, it is, "Yuan Universe is a basket, you can wear it." However, the industry is currently in the universe, which is actually not clear. And before this, the market is concerned about the enthusiasm of the Yuan universe. Is there a speculation? Who is speculating?

China New Jingwei pays attention to the secondary market, with the attention of investors to the concept of Yuancai, the game company will taste the sweetness, such as Tom Cat, Zhongqingbao and other company share price ushered in the same. Subsequently, the concept of high songs in the Yuan Coyong fiercely caused attention to supervision. If the Shenzhen Exchange will pay attention to the Tom Cat, questioning the use of investors to reply to the hot spot, stir-fry the concept.

Ma Tianqiao, chief analyst at the Yuancai Industry, the Minsheng Research Institute, is the biggest problem in the Yuanyuan, is the public opinion and capital hype. In an interview with China and Weiri, "the non-genital public opinion foam will lead to orthodontic stock markets, and capital hype will trigger the market being sought after, causing supervision to intervene. There are still many uncertainty, industries and markets in the stages of the city. Need to return to rationality. "

Chairman of the academic and technical committee of several chain Digital Finance Research Institute, Zhuhai City, Zhu Jiaming, who believes in the interview with China and Xinjing, and the capacity of the Yuancosian has a commercialization, and there are many opportunities and highlights. It also has a wide enough space. But to be alert to this concept of capital or business of the capital or business of the metacular cosmology, leading to the misunderstanding of the Yuancosian, which has been negatively affected.

Two questions: What can Yuan universe bring to us?

Although the Yuanhe is considered to be the next type, as of now, there is no accurate definition of the universe in the market.

Deport released "Yuancai Series White Paper: Global XR Industrial Insight" pointed out that the key characteristics of the Yuan Universe are reflected in six core elements, including immersion, virtual identity, digital assets, real experience, virtual real and complete social system. In the future, the development of the Yuan Universe is achieved, realistic, real experience digitization; on the other hand, the digital experience is realized.

Zhu Jiaming said that "Yuan Yumi is an important historical incident in the process of industrialization to information technology, requires complete, mature scientific and technical support. Specifically, the development of block chains, big data, energy, etc. is preconditioning , The support of virtual reality technology such as VR, AR is also necessary. "

CITIC Securities believes that the Yuan Universe has no standard definition. The Yuan Universe is the next-generation Internet in the next 20 years, which is a digital survival in the future of human beings. The ultimate metacular universe will include: Internet, Internet of Things, AR / VR, 3D graphic rendering, AI artificial intelligence, high performance computing, cloud computing and other technologies. The ultimate Yuan universe still needs great technical progress and industrial innovation, which may be achieved after 20-30.

For the future application space of Yuancai, Zhu Jiaming said that Yuancos should not be a capital of the capital, and should be involved in the whole people, and develop to education, public welfare, public resources. "Yuan universe and education have natural fitness. At present, the participation of the game company is high, education and other fields are still not enough for the metacularity, understanding and popularity. I believe that this situation will change."

Three questions: Is the Yuancai suitable for ordinary people?

The Yuan universe is hot, and it also urges the training industry. China's new latitude has been reported that the online course named "The First Lesson of Yuancai" is only about 10 days, and the accumulated income is nearly 1.6 million yuan. Another course named "Front Class · Yuan Universe 6", it is less than one month, and the total revenue has reached 1.36 million yuan.

Students who have the above network courses said that the learning Yuan universe is not interested in making it, mainly to take the initiative to take the initiative in the current wave of the universe, "fishing." This actually represents the voice of most yuan universe "faithful powder". So, at this stage, is the Yuan universe suitable for ordinary people?

An interviewed expert said that "Yuan Yin is the new concept of the Internet sought after the capital, and now you can participate in all kinds of metachamia training, but it is not necessary." "Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Digital Economics Research Institute Executive Dean Executive Dean Executive Dean Dish and Lin said Even if you understand the Yuan Universe, you may not understand the capital market. "Yuanyuan is a capital feast, no professional, no expert."

How do investors go to falsifying? Ma Tian also believes that in rational metacular industries, value investment applies.

"From the perspective of a securities investment analyst, the foreseeable Yuan Universe is based on this generation of Internet technology to be derived, so it is necessary to judge the true value of the universe, start with the Internet products or the problem facing the Internet company. It is a relatively clear path. This is a relatively clear path. It must be studied in the study of the Yuancosian, because they have the power, there is a capital use of the Yuan Cosmic Natural property to re-establish the platform and market order. " Ma Tianqiang said.

The investment advice given by CITIC Securities is - there is still a longer development path from the ultimate Yuan universe, and has more uncertainties. The current time point is difficult to give the short-term benefit investment of the Yuan universe. (China New Jingwei APP)

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