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Microsoft Apple Meta seizes the XR market, the Samsung of the fillet folding screen mobile phone or wants to catch up

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Wisdom on January 20th, according to foreign media reports, Samsung 2021 smartphone sales increased by 0.9% year-on-year, far below Apple and Xiaomi. Previously, Samsung's competitors apple, Meta, etc. have expanded their business, stepped on the XR field, but Samsung still focused on the development of folding screen phones.

Compared to Meta, Sony and other companies or have announced the development of the product, the XR headset is released, Samsung has not moved in the development of XR headset devices until last November, Samsung began to Digilens in XR headset. Invest in investment.

At present, Samsung can follow the cooperation of Qualcomm and Microsoft. By looking for "XR partners" with Yuancai Construction Platform, it will expand the business field, and strengthen market position.

First, smartphone sales only increased by 0.9%, Samsung focused on developing folding screen mobile phones

Market Investigation Company Trendforce revealed on Wednesday that Samsung still hosted in the 2021 global smartphone market share, but smartphone sales only increased by 0.9% year-on-year. In contrast, Apple and Xiaomi's smartphone sales are as high as 25.5% and 35.1% respectively. Even so, according to Macrumors, the current Samsung is still committed to excavating the development potential of the folding screen mobile phone, and it is expected to re-ignite its growth engine, and Samsung's shareholders are worried about this plan, because this may reduce the company's XR headset s concern.


▲ Samsung's folding screen mobile phone

At present, the Yuan Coso has penetrated all aspects of daily life, and XR head wearing equipment is the core hardware of the Yuancai facing consumers. Germany Market Data Company Statista predicts that the global XR market size will grow from $ 31 billion in 2024 to $ 300 billion, an estimated growth of 10 times. In 2021, the XR headset equipment has reached 10 million units. By 2025, production is expected to increase to 70 million units. By 2030, XR headset devices may be partially replaced with personal computers and smartphones and become mainstream IT devices. And Samsung compared Apple, Meta, Sony and other companies in the XR market boom in the XR market.

Second, Apple, Meta, Sony step into the XR field, Samsung has no action

Samsung's competitors Apple, Meta, Sony and other companies have been involved in the XR field. The media broke the news, Apple or XR headset device with only 300-400 grams in the fourth quarter this year, which will use a powerful chip comparable to M1, equipped with 4K displays and motion tracking 3D sensors. Meta is expected to launch a new high-end VR headset device that "Cambria" this year, which can track the user's facial expressions to depict the face changes in the metadah image in the metacular image. In 2022 CES, Sony launched an XR headset PlayStation VR2 with an OLED display, which supports 120 Hz frame rate, 110 degrees wide viewing angle and 4K resolution, further improving the user experience.


The Korea Herald said that Samsung did not disclose the development of XR head wearing equipment development. It is still unclear whether the company has begun to develop, although Samsung often relys its OLED display, folding screen mobile phone, ultra-wideband tracking Equipment, etc., the new product release is ahead of Apple, but according to the development speed of Samsung in XR headset, it seems that it is difficult to catch Apple this year.

Third, Samsung began to invest XR head wear equipment companies, but also need Qualcomm to seek partnership

In November 2021, Samsung investigated the technology startup of the California's main XR head wearing equipment. Ebest Investment Securities Analyst Jin Guangxi believes that the development of XR headset devices requires platforms for constructing a metacular universe, such as Google's Android operating system, Microsoft's Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and more. Samsung has difficulty in hardware development, but it also needs to further develop the software foundation required for the construction of the universe.

In this regard, South Korea's first report made suggestions, think Samsung wants to maintain market status, can use chip technology as exchange conditions, find "XR Partners", Qi-Partners ", Qualcomm, and Microsoft's cooperation with platforms with the platform of the universe. Qualcomm is the world's head telecommunications chip manufacturer. It has experience in developing Ar and VR equipment chips XR1 and XR2. It is currently working with Microsoft, developing a new chip of Microsoft AR glasses. The new chip will make Microsoft's AR glasses consume fewer power consumption. This means that Microsoft's Ar glasses can use smaller batteries to become lighter.

Conclusion: Can Samsung still copy the myth of mobile brother in the XR field?

According to the latest news in 2021, Samsung's sales growth in the smartphone sector was lagging in Apple and Xiaomi, and the product of XR headset devices was relatively slow. In the field of XR headset, Samsung has a certain hardware advantage. In the future, Samsung can absorb Qualcomm and Microsoft's cooperation experience, complement the short board in the XR headset equipment development, and the development of XR headset equipment Time, consolidate the existing market position.

Previously, Samsung threw a "Yuan Cosmic Platform" called My House on the 2022 CES, providing users with a virtual space, allowing users to experience 18 products of Samsung, including some new products on CES. Compared to Apple, Meta Sony, etc., Samsung also needs to actively find partners in the next game.

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