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The world's first "isolation order" has been issued, and European and American countries emergency response to monkey acne!

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The new crown is not flat, and the monkey acne rises again!

Recently, there are rare cases of acne in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe, and the European Disease Prevention and Control Center (ECDC) proposes to formulate strategies for vaccine vaccination plans for member states to cope with rising cases of acne.

There are currently no approved monkey acne vaccination.The effective rate of ceiling vaccine on monkey acne virus reaches 85%ECDC recommends that any vaccination activity will use existing ceiling vaccines.

At present, there have been cases in the world in 15 countries in the world, and WHO warns that more cases of acne may be found in the future.How will all countries deal with?


Customized cases of monkey acne in 15 countries around the world

Monkey acne is a kind of viral human and animal disease. Monkey acne virus can be transmitted to people by animals through close contact.Although it is not easy to occur,But on the 21st local time, WHO pointed out: "Existing information shows,Interpersonal transmission is in people who are in close physical contact with symptomatic cases.

Interpersonal communication routes includeThe respiratory tract secretions, skin injury or contaminated items are closely exposed to the infected person's respiratory tract secretion, and usually requires a long face to face to spread the airway. In addition, monkey acne virus can be spread and sexually transmitted by maternal and infants.

The initial symptoms of human infection of monkey acne include fever, headache, muscle soreness, back pain, lymph nodes, etc., and can be developed into a large range of rash on the face and body. Most infected people will recover within a few weeks, but there are also severe cases of infected people.

It is worth noting that this is the largest scale outside the popular areas so far. The World Health Organization said that as of May 22, local timeThere are 16 countries and regions with non -pee acne reporting 108 confirmed cases and 91 suspected cases, of which 14 countries have confirmed cases (as shown in the figure below).

According to CCTV News, the Austrian Health Department confirmed on the 22nd that a male patient was infected with monkey acne. Therefore,The number of countries in diagnosis has increased to 15As of now, Britain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, and Austria have confirmed the occurrence of monkey acne.

In addition, the Argentine Health Department discovered a suspected case of a monkey acne on the 22nd, with a history of Spanish travel recently. WHO expects that as the scope of monitoring expands,There will be more cases of monkey acne worldwide.


The United States ordered a $ 299 million vaccine, reaching 13 million doses

US President Biden said on the 22nd that monkey acne should attract everyone's attention. He also said that the United States is studying available treatment methods and vaccines.

According to overseas net newsAfter the United States reports this year's first personal infection of monkey acneThe US media "News Weekly" reported on the 19th that the US health department has ordered a vaccine of millions of dollars worth 119 million US dollars against monkey acne virus.

On the 18th, Bavarian Nordic, a Danish ceiling vaccine manufacturer, issued a statement saying that the company signed a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the American Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Bureau (Barda).

According to the contract, the company will transform the vaccine that has been produced with the previous contract with the United States into frozen dry vaccines, thereby extending its shelf life. The statement also mentioned that the total contract between the US government and this companyIt is $ 299 millionThe total order reaches 13 million dosesThe first batch of vaccines are expected to be delivered next year (2023).


Belgium released the world's first "isolation order"

Britain and Spain want to implement vaccination plans

Belgium The health department issued a statement on the 19th local time,Requires the case of monkey acne for 21 days of self -isolationEssence Belgium became the first country in the world to require self -isolating monkey acne cases.

According to the British Financial Times, the British authorities want to take ECDC suggestions to immune to the close contact with the close contact with the diagnosis of the diagnosis. A spokesman for the British Health Security Agency (Ukhsa) told Bloomberg,There is no specific vaccine for monkey acne, but the ceiling vaccine can indeed provide some protection.They have also provided smallpox vaccines to the possible contacts of monkey acne.

According to the Surging News quoted the "Guardian" on the 22nd, according to the guidance of the British government, the government provides vaccines for the close contact with the confirmed cases of monkey acne, such as partners and family members.And ask them to be isolated at home for 21 days.

According to the British Sky News Network, the British Health and Safety Agency (Ukhsa) suggested that people who have a "non -protection or high -risk environment contact" with monkey acneIt should be separated for 21 days,And avoid contact with immunosuppressives, pregnant women and children under the age of 12.

On May 22, Hopkins, chief medical consultant of Ukhsa, saidMonkey acne has spread community in the UK,Recently, there are new cases of acne every day in the UK. British media reports that the number of cases is expected to "increase significantly" in the next few weeks.

Except for Britain, SpainThe Ministry of Health is also preparing to approve the purchase of traditional ceiling vaccines to cope with monkey acne epidemic. According to the Spanish "National News" on May 19,The Spanish Ministry of Health plans to buy the "Imvanex" vaccine of Bavarian Nordic to prevent the outbreak of the monatopic acne epidemic.

According to the Spanish National Daily, Elena Andradas, Director of Public Health, Madrid, Spain, said that in view of the increase in cases in the region, her department has contacted the Ministry of Health to consider purchasing vaccines and antiviral drugs. She said: "We must find a way to purchase vaccines quickly, because this is a very effective tool to curb (monkey acne) epidemic in the current situation."


Small ceiling vaccine manufacturers rose sharply

Since the number of European acne cases began to grow on May 19,Bavarian Nordic's stock price has risen about 55%.

According to WHO, the effectiveness of ceiling vaccines for monkey acne is as high as 85%. Smallpox was eliminated in 1980, but the vaccine reserves have been maintained to prevent the virus from "re -burning".

However, ECDC pointed out that the IMVANEX vaccine of the Danish ceilings vaccine was not allowed to treat monkey acne and did not have vaccination data for people or young children with low immune function.

ECDC said that at this stage, it is recommended that people who are closely exposed to monkey acne to vaccine the ceiling vaccine "not an easy decision" and say that the risk income analysis of each affected individual should be analyzed.

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