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Multi -platform open IP territory display function "camouflage" surface

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Linking IP territory, purifying the network ecology

Recently, platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu announced that in order to maintain the order of network communication, further crack down on false information, rumors and rumors, etc., and open up displaying user IP territorial functions. Experts believe that the open IP land function of major platforms is intended to strengthen the connection between network space and the real world. This will help strengthen self -discipline and reduce the rhythm of self -discipline, reduce non -good behaviors such as the parties to pretending to be hot, and malicious rumors, and traffic flow to create a clear clear Network space brings positive effects.

"Pretender" surfaced

"The bloggers I pay attention to often post in Japan and videos naturally feel that she works and live in Japan." Ms. Zhu, who lives in Beijing, is a Haitao enthusiast. Not long ago, she found that the purchasing account IP she often patronized The territory shows that it is domestic, which makes her doubt about the authenticity of the goods I bought before.

With the opening function of the open IP territory of major platforms, many Internet celebrities and buyers have collapsed and directly "rolled". "The blogger himself is indeed abroad, but the team operates in the country." "Although I am in China, the goods are authentic" ... For a time, various clarification, apology, and explanation posts were widely released online.

In recent years, the special operations of the "clear" series of the Internet have continued to carry out measures, and measures and other measures of user IP are gradually on the agenda. In October last year, the National Network Information Office issued the "Regulations on the Management of Internet User Account Name Information (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)", which requires the Internet user account service platform to fulfill the responsibility of the Internet user account name information management. The account information page display the account IP address of the account is the territorial information, and it is displayed in the province (municipality, autonomous region, special administrative region), and overseas display to the country (region).

Industry insiders pointed out that the major online platforms have decided to publicly display the user IP territorial information, which is a new attempt for Internet governance, that is, the interference of non -true information with real territorial information with real territorial information, tearing off the ingenious people who have ulterior motives camouflage. "As ordinary netizens and consumers, the platform announces the user IP territory information can help us make the authenticity of merchant information. In the future, we will also pay attention to viewing the territory of the merchant's IP." Ms. Zhu said.

Strongly curb false information

For a long time, the behavior of causing traffic in hot events has been banned repeatedly, and even a lot of false information has been breeded to disturb the public opinion environment of the Internet. Chen Kaifeng, who is engaged in social media operations, operates an account focusing on local information services to Beijing Tongzhou on the Weibo platform. It is his daily work to understand the local affairs of local events and find clues in the comment area. In his opinion, displaying the territory of the account is of great significance for curbing false information dissemination and cracking down on online rumors.

Chen Kaifeng told reporters that compared with the official release, although the information in the comment area is fast, it is also half true. Some people often pretend to be parties and insiders to carry information, and even put together to pinch the fraud information. They also attach a sentence "Come and see the truth from my homepage to see the truth" to drain themselves. By publishing the IP belonging place, netizens can screen the content and comments by themselves to distinguish which users are really in the place where hot events occur.

However, some netizens believe that publicly displaying IP territorial information may invade user privacy. Some legal experts point out that the IP territory and IP address are not the same concept. IP territory can only show the risk of privacy such as the city's city, country/region, and the exposure of the user address. On the contrary, the current online false information is flooding, and the platform has the needs and responsibilities of safeguarding public interests. It is necessary to display user IP territorial information and provide users with better services.

"For those who truly operate social media accounts, the open IP territorial display function is hopeful." Chen Kaifeng said that the more transparent information of the Internet participants, people can better identify those hot spots and information, so that they can make more information and make it more How real and useful information spreads in time to create a good network environment.

IP modification still needs to be strictly guarded

In response to the provisions of the open IP functional function of major platforms, some people have crooked thoughts. Recently, some media reports that with the launch of the IP ownership of major platforms, the business of paying "IP agents" has become popular. In fact, as early as March this year, when Weibo began to display IP territories in some areas, the account has already modified IP territorial information.

The so -called "IP proxy" service is a gray industry that helps users modify IP territory information through domestic agency server and other technical means. The reporter's investigation found that although most e -commerce platforms have banned keywords such as "IP proxy", many merchants who can search for IP services can still be found on the Internet. Some merchants also stated in the advertisement that "can modify the IP land information arbitrarily, covering more than 100 regions." Its price ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan per month, and provides video use tutorials and "after -sales service".

Some netizens are worried that if users can modify IP territorial information at will, the effects of relevant measures will not only discount, but even some people will deliberately use the regional characteristics of IP territory to accurately portrait, deliberately create false information to deceive netizens.

In response to the current information such as privately modifying IP land information, industry insiders pointed out that related platforms must pay attention to and implement responsibilities, timely improve technical means, strengthen system detection, resolutely "fake", and block loopholes. At the same time, the regulatory authorities must also act in time to severely crack down on this "gray production transaction" of this network of networks, maintain the order of network communication, create a clear network space, and protect the rights and interests of netizens. (Reporter Jin Chen)

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