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Details of the promotion of "new tracks" such as the Shanghai Meta-universe will be announced at the end of June

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Our reporter Li Yuyang Li Zhenghao in Shanghai

Shanghai, which has fully resumed work and production for more than half a month, is speeding up investment in major industrial projects.

"Held in June 16, 2022 Shanghai global investment promotion conference and 'shining pujiang investment Shanghai share global season launch ceremony", Shanghai in signing officer xuan concentration, a total investment of more than 720 billion yuan of big projects at the same time, also announced RMB into the universe, green low carbon, intelligent terminal, digital economy four "new track", And announced the corresponding investment promotion program.

According to the plan, by 2025, the scale of Shanghai's space industry will exceed 350 billion yuan, the scale of intelligent terminal industry will exceed 700 billion yuan, and the scale of green and low-carbon industry will strive to exceed 500 billion yuan. However, the reporter of China Business News learned from the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission that the above four "new tracks" only put forward the initial goal and direction, and the specific promotion rules will be announced to the public at the end of June this year.

"New track" becomes the biggest feature

"One of the biggest features of this year's GIP is the release of four 'new track' investment promotion programmes." Xu Ming, director of the industrial investment department of The Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, said that Shanghai has been planning the layout of a "new track" of metasomes, green and low-carbon, intelligent terminals and digital economy since 2021, and the release of these plans is to take the lead in these "new tracks".

The reporter learned that in developing the "new track" of digital economy, the plan proposes that Shanghai should focus on key areas such as digital new industries, new data elements, new digital infrastructure, and new intelligent terminals, and make deep application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and block chain to promote industrial digitalization and digital industrialization. Strengthen the coordination of key elements such as data, technology, enterprise and space carrier. By 2025, Shanghai will form the basic framework of the "International digital Capital".

Metaverse is an important platform for interaction between virtual world and real society in the future, and the post-epidemic era will promote the vigorous development of this industry. At present, Shanghai has massive data resources and rich application scenarios, and is also the "first city of double gigabit broadband" in China. According to the plan, Shanghai should aim at the frontier technology, interactive terminals, digital tools and other key directions of the yuan universe, fully stimulate the demand pulling effect, and initiate the establishment of the yuan universe "new track" industrial fund.

The intelligent terminal promotion plan proposes that, as the hardware carrier of digital economy, intelligent terminal should focus on the development of intelligent new energy vehicles, intelligent robots, virtual reality interactive terminals, intelligent wear, intelligent home and other six terminal products to consolidate the two basic support systems of hardware and software. We will introduce and cultivate more than 50 "hidden champions", "little giants" and "specialized and innovative" enterprises, support them in making breakthroughs in key basic technologies such as core chips and basic software, carry out special campaigns to develop consumer terminal products and leading enterprises, and create 100 core blockbuster products.

In addition to the "new track", Shanghai will continue to launch characteristic industrial parks this year, which will focus on the development carrier of the "new track".

For example, two characteristic parks will be launched in the field of digital economy: Suzhi Nanuniversity (Suzhi Nanuniversity Industrial Park in Baoshan District) will rely on industrial clusters such as Sinosoft and Tencent, focusing on the development of online new economy industry, to build a benchmark area of digital industry and a pioneering demonstration area of digital city; Relying on the advantages of the science and innovation corridor, G60 Songjiang Xinchuang Industrial Park builds innovation engines such as xinchuang mass innovation space, entrepreneurship and innovation platform and project incubation, and focuses on building a four-in-one xinchuang industrial base of "software, hardware, ecology and service".

Caohejing Future Meta-space Industrial Innovation Park will also launch two characteristic parks: Caohejing Future Meta-space Industrial Innovation Park (caohejing Future Meta-space Industrial Innovation Park in Xuhui District), relying on the advantages of the caohejing Future Meta-space Industrial Innovation Park, leading enterprises and functional platforms, will focus on promoting core technology breakthroughs and accelerating the application of innovation demonstration to create a development highland of meta-space industry; Zhangjiang Digital Chain (referring to the Zhangjiang Meta-cosmic digital Chain Industry Base) will focus on the development of meta-cosmic technology research and development, data services, digital creativity, enabling applications and other key fields, centering on the five sections of link, interaction, computing, tools and ecology.

Drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

At the meta-universe track, Shanghai also proposed to build 10 internationally competitive leading enterprises, 100 "specialized and special new" enterprises with core technologies, 50+ demonstration application scenarios and 100+ benchmark products and services.

"Fundamentally, Shanghai still wants to take the lead in the whole country," said Che Jiawei, an analyst at EOU Consulting. "Whether the Shanghai government does or not, the track is a focus of development at this stage."

Che jiawei further pointed out that interactive hardware, operating system, immersive content, etc., are the focus of the current stage of the development of the meta-universe track, Shanghai released the promotion plan of the meta-universe track will promote the implementation of related industries, as for the extent of support and influence, it is not accurate to judge at present.

Wang Xiaolong, director of Xinmou Research, was deeply impressed by the idea of "supporting enterprises to achieve innovative breakthroughs in a batch of key basic technologies such as core chips and basic software" proposed in the intelligent terminal program: "At this time, we will find that the relationship between chip and terminal is no longer the same as before. Now supply chain, especially chip, becomes more important. At this time, we can say that if we master the upstream, we can do the downstream better.

Wang Xiaolong said, do downstream application, the Pearl River Delta has more advantages, and the development of Shanghai intelligent terminal advantage lies in the core chip design and chip related basic software development, chips do well, can also be based on this to develop terminal products.

"Emerging intelligent terminal product hasn't arrived yet fully mature, so it shows degree is very important, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other pearl river delta cities is higher than that in certain of the show, and more international, so in this respect, the new things in Shanghai in Shanghai development, take the lead in application, can achieve a higher degree of display and visibility, Only Beijing and Shanghai have this kind of advantage." Wang xiaolong said.

Wang Shuyi, chief analyst of Discovery Technology, also believes that only when the terminal is active, can the industrial chain be alive. Shanghai has laid out a complete integrated circuit industrial chain before this, and if it can be combined with downstream applications, it will have a great driving effect.

"Traditionally, Shanghai has focused on the manufacturing of cars or some high-end equipment, and consumer smart terminals are not as active as those in the Pearl River Delta." Wang shuyi said that if Shanghai is determined to develop smart terminals, it will benefit both upstream and downstream.

At the same time, in terms of digital economy, Wang shuyi pointed out that "in terms of the short-term upgrading of the whole industry, only a few regions such as Shanghai are suitable for the comprehensive development of digital economy, because these cities are full of talents, infrastructure and industrial supporting facilities." He added that the digital economy has higher added value and less pollution, which is in line with the direction of industrial transformation and upgrading.

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