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Use IP proxy tools or cause personal information leakage

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Recently, platforms such as Weibo, Zhihu, and Xiaohongshu have issued announcements saying that the location of the IP is located on the user's personal data page and the comment area. When the user commented, it will be displayed with "where". At present, the domestic IP is displayed in the province/region, and the foreign IP is displayed to the country, and users cannot turn off the function.

In order to avoid the new requirements of the platform, some people have followed the IP agent, changing the IP territory through the agency tools, and the relevant gray industry also surfaces. So, what exactly is the IP proxy gray business? Users can change the risk of IP territory at will.

status quo

There are more people who buy IP proxy tools

After the online platform is launched on the IP display function, some bloggers with purchasing and overseas life frequently "flip". A platform tourist blogger "Little Sydney in Japan", the previous personal introduction was "settled in Japan all year round, an old aunt after the 90s", but after the IP display, the territory was Liaoning Province, and then the blogger quickly changed changes. Nickname and introduction. In addition, some bloggers who share local lives in various places are found to be the same cities in the same local city, and they are also questioned to register for marketing companies behind the marketing company.

Wang Chi, the person in charge of an Internet advertising company, said that the phenomenon of "separation of human names" in the actual location of the content and bloggers is a public secret in the industry. Some so -called "overseas bloggers" take purchasing and promotion products as profit methods. They need to build people to build people. In foreign "human settings", the IP territory shows that these people "have the original shape".

People in the industry said that for many bloggers or marketing companies behind them, there is no "way" after showing the IP territory. Some people have followed the new method of IP agency and change the IP territory through agency tools. This method has recently started to "popular" in the industry, and related gray industries have also surfaced.

The principle of IP proxy is to "insert" in the previous process: users first send the request of the publishing information to a proxy server, and then forward the server to the station.

On the e -commerce platform, we found that a large number of merchants are providing IP agency services with keywords such as "IP agency" and "dynamic IP". Some seller shops have sold more than 400 pieces, and the monthly payment fee for foreign IP agents ranges from 10 to 20 yuan.

After searching for related groups in QQ, in a group called "Dynamic IP Exchange", some people posted the news that seeking agents "seeking dynamic foreign IP, which is effective for more than 90", while group administrators said that agents can provide agents IP, as many as 32 regions, and tens of thousands of IPs. The administrator still stated in the group, "In the past month, the number of IP proxy tools has been significantly much."

"IP proxy is an important security protection tool that has functions such as speeding up access to access, protecting privacy information, improving download speed, and acting as firewalls. Suit. "Liu Weijun, a professor at the New Crime Research Center of the People's Public Security University of China, pointed out that since the display function of the IP address of the Internet platform, some users have also begun to try to change their IP territory for various reasons. Hot.


Change the IP hidden multiple risks at will

The survey found that IP hidden multiple risks at will. Some buyers are leaked by privacy and loss of property; if some sellers are engaged in this kind of business without authorization and no qualifications, they are suspected of illegally operating, and they also hide the real IP address of criminals and carry out illegal activities.

In a QQ group, a netizen named "Not very" said that when he used IP agents, he browsed the website of Alipay and bank accounts involving personal property information. After a period of time, he found that his bank account and identity information leaked, not only received information trying to open a small loan, but also found that the mobile phone number was misappropriated for registration software. Some netizens said that some sellers used the name "IP agent" to induce users to click on third -party links, resulting in more than 6,000 yuan for users.

Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that when using an agency IP tool, it is likely to leak your browsing records, account passwords, and personal information, including transaction information on e -commerce platforms, causing hidden dangers of personal information security.

Once this means is mastered by some bad businesses, it will bring greater property losses to consumers. The most common is the "pseudo -overseas bloggers" who sell fakes in the name of real overseas purchasing. People in the industry said that the use of false IPs can forge the real address function, and many bloggers who sell fake goods and A goods under the banner of "overseas purchasing" have the opportunity. Such behaviors are undoubtedly suspected of deceiving consumers. For many bloggers or marketing companies behind them, after showing that IP belongs to the territory, some people change the IP territory through agency tools. This method has recently begun to "popular" in the industry.

An Internet operating platform practitioner said that since the online platform shows the IP land function, the living space of some "fake purchasing" bloggers is getting smaller and smaller, and they can only seek false IP addresses. This has also led to recent related IP agents related The gray industry chain has "developed and expanded" rapidly.

After seeing many "convenience" of using false IP, many illegal criminals also played its idea. In January 2021, Yunnan Public Security detected the use of network equipment to obtain the dynamic IP resources of telecommunications operators and provided dynamic IP agents for criminals to carry out illegal online black production cases. Criminal suspects illegally engaged in virtual public Internet agency access services and broadband rental business. They know that this behavior will be used by illegal personnel to implement illegal crimes, but it is still ignored. After verification, the clues involved in domestic gambling and fraud cases point to the IP resources provided to the company.


Establish a collaborative mechanism to standardize IP proxy

Illegal IP agents are being severely hit nationwide. In January of this year, the Ministry of Public Security said at the results of the "Jingwang 2021" special action work conference that it had been in accordance with the relevant departments to check to check 82 related service companies, shut down more than 13,000 illegal broadband online lines, and more than 5,000 broadband Internet accounts 5,000 online accounts. , Effectively rectify the chaos of operating telecommunications business and access to the network.

Industry insiders said that it seems simple to change the IP territory at will, but there are risks such as illegal theft of user privacy, suspected fraud, and disturbing network order. Corresponding laws and regulations should be promoted, and departmental cooperation should be improved to form a joint investigation mechanism for multiple departments.

Liu Weijun believes that the governance of changing IP addresses is a systematic project that needs to carry out source governance, comprehensive governance and ecological governance around the industrial chain. For criminals that implement illegal crimes through the Internet, they need to continue to increase their strikes. For accounts such as online celebrity bloggers and overseas purchasing agents who are unwilling to disclose the territory of the IP address for various purposes, special specifications should be introduced to guide their integrity operations. Prevent it for business interests but illegally use IP agency services, thereby compressing the market space of IP agency services.

"Change the IP territory and create the" pseudo -scene ", which actually tampered with relevant information and data. If there is the motivation and intentional motivation of subjective crimes, and using this means to perform illegal crimes, it is necessary to punish it according to the specific behavior." Liu Junhai Said to use agency IP for crimes, merchants who produce and sell agents may also become "helping criminals". He suggested that the competent authorities can study and introduce corresponding laws and regulations, standardize the application of IP agents, and further clarify the purpose and purpose of this business.

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said that the Internet platform should increase the rectification of the "deformity" business of "illegal IP agents" to fulfill the obligation to review and regulate. The network platform can not only take relevant measures directly, but also reduce the credit points on its credit, reduce the level on the corresponding credit system of the platform, and limit rights and interests. Aiming at some profit -based accounts that have frequently changed the IP territory or reported by false changes to the territory of IP, set up a "blacklist" mechanism, and timely release and control the processing.

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