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Lin Zhiying driving accident, why tesla?

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Tesla has had another accident, this time involving race car driver Zhiying Lin.

At about 10:50 a.m. on July 22, Lin Zhiying and his son were driving a Tesla Model X on Zhongzheng North Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan Province, China, when they hit the locomotive separation island and crashed. Lin Zhiying suffered head injury and was unable to speak for a time. His son Jenson, sitting in the passenger seat, suffered face bruising. He was immediately rescued by warm-hearted passers-by and sent to Linkou Changgung Hospital. Shortly after Lin Zhiying was rescued, the vehicle exploded and burst into flames.

Responding to Lin's injuries, police said Lin suffered minor head and face injuries and was not drunk driving. Some doctors said that Lin zhiying is not in danger, but due to the severe impact, plus the damage to the face and shoulder bones, chest and abdomen should continue to be monitored. By the time the fire was put out, the $4 million (NT $) tesla locomotive was reduced to its skeleton.

林志颖工作室声明稿 图片来源:微博

Lin Zhiying studio statement source: Weibo

According to Peng Yuhong, the worker who rescued Lin Zhiying and his son, he heard the crash and ran to see a small fire on the front of the car. He quickly pulled Jenson out first and then Lin Zhiying, whose feet were stuck on the driver's seat, out. Peng recalled that before the passengers were pulled out, they heard explosions coming from the front of the car. Less than five seconds after the rescue, the fire spread to the driver's seat.

According to the report, when it came to the rescue situation, zhang, the engineering supervisor who joined the rescue at that time, was still scared and said, "I was still afraid", because I did not know tesla electric cars, and many of them were burning and could not put out the fire.

Lin zhiying's brother held a press conference on the afternoon of the same day (July 22), thanking the warm-hearted brave people for their help, and revealed that Lin Zhiying is currently stable, but his condition is not clear, the next two or three days is the focus.

As we all know, Lin Zhiying is not only a famous actor and singer, but also an excellent RACING driver. He started professional RACING training in 1997 and won 17 championship trophies. In 1999, at the age of 25, Lin Zhiying set up his first RACING TEAM, ESSO JIMMY RACING TEAM. He was the first professional racing driver in Chinese show business and the first paid professional racing driver in Taiwan.

So the question comes, Lin Zhiying is definitely not a novice, and the accident happened at a speed of about 70 kilometers is not fast, the accident section is rarely accident, how did the accident happen?

This caused a heated discussion among netizens.

"Never mind the brakes, I'm afraid to drive a car that catches fire after a low-speed collision."

"In my impression, Lin Zhiying is a racing car player, and his driving skills are more than 95% higher than those present. Even he had an accident, which means there is something wrong with the car."

"It doesn't really matter if you hit it. It burns so fast. There's no washing."

Others stand on the father's point of view, that the child is still in the car, Lin Zhiying's probability of driving distraction is very small, "I am also the owner, I will not have a baby under the circumstances of drag racing."

Some netizens on Zhihu have already speculated about Tesla's next response, believing that there is a high probability that something went wrong while using the so-called autopilot. The car went down the lane into a lane free section of the road, did not see any reaction, and crashed into a pillar straight ahead.

In response to the overwhelming discussion, Tesla customer service said, "We cannot confirm the cause of the fire at the moment. In case of emergency, the main and co-pilot have mechanical door device, which can unlock the door forcibly in case of power failure, and the rear passengers can escape through the trunk." The customer service officer also said there were no flammable materials near the driver's seat.

Tesla's first known accident, and the first known fatality since its current Autopilot technology was applied, occurred in 2016, when a Tesla Model S in the United States crashed while driving on Autopilot, resulting in the driver's death.

The Model S was driving in autopilot mode on a two-way road with a central divider, and a trailer was crossing the road perpendicular to the Model S. Tesla said Autopilot failed to recognize the white body of the trailer in strong sunlight and failed to activate the braking system in time. Because the trailer was crossing the road and was high, the front windshield of the Model S struck the bottom of the trailer as it passed under it.

In 2019, two people were killed in a car accident in the US. Tesla's Autopilot function, which failed to recognize and brake at a red light, failed to take over the steering wheel at a red light and the car ran a red light, causing a collision. Two people in the Honda Civic were killed and the driver and passenger in the Tesla were injured. After the crash, the bereaved family accused the driver of negligence in the accident and blamed Tesla for selling a defect that caused sudden acceleration and failure to activate automatic emergency braking, ultimately leading to a fatal accident.

In the case, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that while automated systems can help drivers avoid crashes, drivers must use the technology responsibly.

Since 2016, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has sent teams to investigate 26 accidents involving Tesla's Autopilot system, including at least 11 deaths.

On July 20, Musk said during Tesla's second quarter earnings call that the best ev manufacturer in China right now is Tesla. The Shanghai plant, recently upgraded to produce more than 750,000 vehicles a year, is Tesla's current gigafactory, according to earnings reports.

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