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It takes time to enter the scale of the fast -developed chip to enter the streaming stage

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Kuaishou (01024.HK) has recently launched the SOC chip SL200, which has entered the internal test stage. This chip is an important step for fast -handed cloud intelligent video processing capabilities.

During the interview, Yu Bing, senior vice president of Kuaishou and head of StreamLake business, told the First Financial reporter that StreamLake is a fast -handed business department. business. The bottom layer is based on the infrastructure and technical capabilities of the entire middle and backstage, and its technical capabilities. These technical capabilities also serve the main businesses such as the main station platform, live broadcast, e -commerce, commercialization and overseas of Kuaishou.

In simple terms, the essence of StreamLake is a "video operating system" covering the underlying infrastructure to the upper scene solution, covering two aspects: Video and AI. Among them, Video focuses on the full -link video capabilities including frequent production, transmission, and distribution. AI focuses on technical fields such as smart video creation, intelligent video content understanding, and digital people.

At present, Kuaishou has set a wide range of customer groups of Steamlake. Yu Bing said that as long as the customers with video needs are included in the target group. At the beginning, due to the limited scale, the product mainly served the company with a medium -sized scale. In the future, with the continuous improvement of product power, customers' access costs are lower, and Kuaishou will gradually expand the product to more long -tailed customers.

Taking the cooperation between Kuaishou and Zhihu as an example, Kuaishou exported a complete set of on -demand cloud solutions to the product processing services, fusion of CDN, player and other products through media processing services, combined with heat trigger, multi -yard rate adaptation and other strategies, and gradually helped gradually help Know the needs of solving user experience improvement and cloud service cost optimization. That is, on the basis of ensuring the quality of the video, the video playback is smoother, the video files are smaller, and the storage cost is lower.

However, it should be noted that the fast -handed chip is still in a state of successful slices. It is a small batch verification. The large -scale mass production needs to wait until the end of the year. Therefore, in terms of promoting the rhythm, Kuaishou will adopt a small step fast running method to gradually verify, and there is a process of communicating and polishing with customers.

Recently, companies such as fast hands, byte beating, and Tencent have been densely announced in the chip field. The essence is that when the explosive growth of the internal business volume can not only meet its own needs, but also output to relieve financial pressure. For example, in 2011, with the development of QQ massive business and Tencent's own business, and the use of black box issues brought by third -party technology, Tencent launched a audio and video engine to develop itself.

In June of this year, Tencent announced its self -developed video transcoding chip "Canghai" on March 5, 2022. According to Tencent, the Canghai chip uses a 12nm process, which realizes videos with the same quality with smaller data and smaller bandwidth. The compression rate has increased by more than 30%compared to the industry performance.

When responding to the self -developed chip in response to the byte beating, the bytemop vice president Yang Zhenyuan said that the company does not have a general chip business plan now -that is, CPU, GPU and other universal chips. In addition to the chip of the main procurement of X86, bytes also explore the use of RISC architecture chips in the cloud with chip suppliers.

The incident of investing in a self -developed chip lies in Bing's view, mainly because ROI is very positive, and the income obtained for several years is very large, which is also helpful for its own video business experience and bandwidth. As for the cost problem brought by the early investment, Yu Bing said that whether it is cloud or to B business, it is a long -distance running and needs to be patient for a long time. Wang Zhongyuan, vice president of Kuaishou Technology, said in an interview that video and live broadcasts will become the infrastructure of all walks of life. All walks of life.

At present, the self -developed chip of Kuaishou will temporarily use self -use, and also conducts preliminary discussions with industry customers with very large demand for video compression chips with radio and television, cloud games, security, etc. For example, radio and television has the demand for 8K upgrades, and how to drop the 8K video code rate is a difficult problem. Kuaishou chip has live and short video compression functions, which can save a lot of computing resources and bandwidth.

In the short term, cost investment still brings huge financial pressure on Kuaishou. An investor focusing on hard technology told reporters that chip streaming costs high and are directly linked to the process. Generally, the 14nm craft chip streaming costs about $ 3 million at a time, the 7nm process chip streaming will take 30 million US dollars at a time, and the 5nm craft chip stream will need $ 47.25 million at a time. As of press time, Kuaishou has not returned to the specific process and cost of the self -developed chip.

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