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Zuckerberg is committing a typical Silicon Valley error: Meta has become Yahoo 10 years ago

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Sina Technology News In the early morning of October 12, Beijing time, it is reported that Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, the parent company of Facebook, is committing a typical Silicon Valley error, that is, about 10 years ago, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyeryer The error made by Marissa Mayer. Later, Yahoo was sold and Meyer resigned. And this time, can META and Zacberg realize their "Yuan universe" vision?

An Internet giant is slowing the growth rate; a talented CEO is taking the lead in making an ambitious bet; a group of enthusiastic employees are worried about the frosted layoffs. This is what is happening inside Meta, and it is also what Yahoo experienced about ten years ago.

As user grows stagnation and advertising sales have slowed, Meta is transforming into a "Metaverse" company. In the process, the "troubles of growth" brought about by these changes also surfaced by media reports.

The New York Times recently reported that the current and former employees' efforts to promote Meta to promote the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are skeptical, and the focus of work focus on the CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Yuan Universe) ) Be careful.

These concerns of the employees are exactly the same as the internal turbulence of Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer (former CEO of Yahoo). In the end, Meyer stepped down, Yahoo was sold, and the price was only a small part of its former value. Today, after Yahoo's losses have failed for many years, Zuckerberg is repeating the mistakes of Meyer.

 For the CEO Zuckerberg, the risk of the Yuan universe is extremely high

Zuckerberg announced about a year ago that Facebook was renamed "Meta", and the company's business focus would be shifted to the "Yuan Universe", and Zuckerberg called it "New North Star" at the time. Zuckerberg believes that over time, people will live and work in the virtual world and use the "incarnation" to interact.

Obviously, this is a bet. It is also an adventure for this 18 -year -old company.

Zuckerberg's "Yuan Cosmic betting" may be uncommon in the technology community. However, in addition to the field of venture capital, we do not often see that this bet can bring returns. Volticine can gamble startups, hoping that one of them can become the next company worth $ 1 billion, but Meta does not have to have that ability, or row. After all, it also has VR heads to produce, social media platforms should be developed, and advertising revenue must be obtained.

At the same time, Meta is investing time and resources into the "Yuan Universe", and spend a lot of money in the process. In 2021 gambling, Meta has invested $ 10 billion. Even according to META standards, this is a expensive cost. This year, Zuckerberg also told shareholders that this trend will continue in the next 3 to 5 years.

Earlier this year, an industry veteran told the media that Zuckerberg knew that in the "Yuan Universe" market, he was playing a "long -term game", but it was also a "must win" game. The person said: "Facebook has courage, capital, and capable of making it running and becoming a major market participant. But during this period, they cannot make mistakes."

Meyer also has an ambitious vision, but did not get a return

If you are familiar with Meta's current situation, then you may have experienced the rise and fall of Yahoo.

Yahoo was also an advertising giant. In 2004, its revenue was 3.5 billion US dollars, with a market value of $ 128 billion. But with the rise of competitors such as eBay and Google, market competition has begun to heat up. Ironically, Facebook later became a competitor of Yahoo's advertising business. With the exhaustion of advertising revenue, in 2012, Yahoo's market value plummeted to about $ 20 billion.

At this time, Meyer appeared. Her task is to make Yahoo one of the most outstanding technology companies in the world can compete with companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

Meyer's bet is bold, but not focused on: develop a "Yahoo APP for everything"; hire Katie Couric to build a video interview column, with an annual salary of $ 5 million; making programs like Netflix like Netflix ; Tumblr, a blog platform for $ 1.1 billion.

But none of these gambling gambling was rewarded. Two years after Meyer took office, the goal of Yahoo Dongshan has not achieved, and the company's revenue is still stagnant.

In 2016, Yahoo ended as an era of independent companies. Verizon spent $ 5 billion to acquire Yahoo and merged it with the United States Online (AOL), and Meyer also resigned from the CEO.

Zuckerberg and Meyer are sympathetic, far more than that

Inside the company, Meta is also facing the same problem as Yahoo.

Recently, Meta employees said in an interview with the media that the company's strategy often changes, which seems to be related to the sudden imagination of Zuckerberg, not a data -based plan. In addition, Meta executives have also had differences in the "Yuan Universe" strategy. John Carmack, the former chief technical consultant of Oculus business, said that the company spent a large amount of funds spent on the unrelated project that made him "nausea".

Similarly, in Yahoo, Meyer was described as "based on his own intuition, not data to make decisions." For example, Yahoo pays $ 10 million per year for the purchase of the "Saturday Night Live" program; the annual salary is 5 million US dollars to hire Kurik to build a video interview, although the video she made before has failed.

And corporate culture. During his tenure, Meyer implemented a controversial performance ranking system to inspire people to work hard and find out -of -job employees. But things contrary to their wishes, this caused employees to be frustrated and morale.

Now, Zuckerberg seems to be anxious to eliminate employees who have not performed well, as well as employees who do not support him. At an all -employee meeting in June, Zuckerberg told employees that Meta would increase the assessment of performance goals and eliminate unsuccessful employees. Earlier this month, there were reports that Meta was quietly layoffs by changing performance expectations, urging the managers to rush home.

If Zuckerberg is right, that is, the "Yuan Universe" is the future, then these measures are wise to help promote Meta to lead in competition. We also have reason to believe that Zuckerberg's ambitious plan will work. After all, he foresees the transformation from desktop to mobile devices and reshape Facebook once. At that time, even Facebook's "No. 2 character" Sheryl Sandberg believed that this strategy was very risky.

But if Zuckerberg's bet is not returned, then we may see: Meta will step into Yahoo's rear.

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