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Why do laptops need more memory?

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Understand computer friends all know, in addition to the processor, graphics card, memory can be said to be a very important hardware. The importance of memory has two parts, one is speed, the other is capacity.

But for the average user, capacity is more important than speed. Because the change of capacity is the most intuitive perception for ordinary users, speed or frequency, in fact, it is difficult for ordinary users to clearly perceive, so upgrading memory capacity is often more practical than improving memory speed.

In the daily use of computers, we may encounter the following problems:

1. When you open multiple software at the same time and switch between them, the computer will have a long or short sense of lag;

2. When processing pictures and videos, especially when rendering is needed after adding some filters, the system or software will occasionally be in suspended animation;

3. When watching 4K video through web page or client, if the page is cut away for a period of time and then cut back, the video will be stuck in a node, and it will be played smoothly again after a while.

If you've ever used a computer and made sure your processor and hard disk aren't outdated, it's probably due to a lack of memory capacity. So what are the specific manifestations of insufficient memory capacity in the real world? Let's illustrate this with a simple test.

Take 16GB memory as an example. After entering the system and opening some software, such as browser, wechat, Steam, live-streaming platform client, Office or PS/PR, the overall memory occupancy rate is already close to or even over 50%.

As shown in the following picture, the author did nothing after starting WPS, Photoshop and Chrome, plus the memory usage of the system itself.The 16GB space is already 47% occupied.

After opening WPS, Photoshop, and Chrome, the memory usage has reached 47%

Next we used the 16GB notebook to process large size images in Photoshop. As you can see, the 16GB space is completely used up very quickly, and it is extremely difficult to do anything else with 100% memory usage. For example, under the 100% memory usage rate of the author, even if the WPS document is opened for simple text input, there will be obvious lag and stutter feeling.

The 16GB memory usage quickly reached 100%

When the memory is full, text input will stumble and not flow smoothly

What about expanding memory?

We then did the same with a 32GB notebook, and we saw that the peak memory usage was only 69%. At this point, it was still very smooth to open a WPS document and input without any lag or stuttering.

The peak memory usage of 32GB is 69%, which does not affect other applications


In fact, in the process of daily use of the computer, if you encounter the system, software inexplicable lag, at this time if you confirm that their processor, hard disk and other components are not outdated, or confirm that there is no virus, then most of the problem is the memory.

At the present stage, after Windows 10, Windows 11 system is opened, and then open some software for a while, the system memory usage will be more than 50%, or even more than 60%.

At this time, if some more memory applications are carried out, such as PS, LR diagram, PR clip, or open multiple software, multiple web pages, the computer will start to stall or hysteresis because of insufficient memory space. This is because after the memory space is filled, the CPU will call the temporary cache program in the memory slowly, especially when multiple software switch, there will be hysteresis.

For now, 16GB of RAM is the bare minimum, but 8GB for Windows 10 or 11 makes it difficult to run large programs and is suitable for simple office work or Web browsing. In fact, the most appropriate memory capacity is 32GB, which is difficult to fill under normal circumstances, so it will have a very smooth experience.

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