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Beautiful country semiconductor ushered in the winter, US high enterprises inverted, our country market doesn't buy it!

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Original title: beautiful country semiconductor ushered in the winter, American high enterprises inverted, our country market doesn't buy it!

For a long time, beautiful country has been very concerned about the development of our chip industry, especially when our chip is about to rise, beautiful country began to try every means to stop the development of our country, whether it is restricting the free shipment to Huawei, or the subsequent cut off the supply of some American enterprises to cooperate with our country, which is undoubtedly a stone to drop on its own foot, because to stop the development of our chip industry, The final result is that the semiconductor industry is in a difficult situation. For this reason, no matter the International Semiconductor Industry Association, the Semiconductor Industry Association, or even the global semiconductor giants, such as Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor, ASML and other chip giants, are opposed to the restriction of shipment by the semiconductor industry, and they also ask for more than 50 billion US dollars in subsidies from the semiconductor industry. In order to make up for the loss of water caused by not free shipping.

Beautiful country unreasonably modified chip rules, limit chip enterprises free shipment, resulting in many American enterprises are not easy, but also disrupted the entire semiconductor market pattern, even Bill Gates have come out to voice, said that restrictions on chip enterprises free shipment, and can not stop the development of our chip industry, on the contrary will let beautiful high-tech enterprises suffer heavy losses, in Bill Gates' view, The chip production capacity of beautiful country chip enterprises needs our market consumption, if they are blocked from shipping to our country, it is undoubtedly further ravaging American core enterprises, but also will lead to an unprecedented chip winter coming.

Sure enough, this year chip enterprises in beautiful country had a very miserable, whether it is Intel or Inbacka, even AMD and other chip giants net profit down about 70%, other related chip companies and technology stocks have declined, according to incomplete statistics, last year alone, beautiful country's entire chip market evaporated more than 15 trillion yuan, This is equivalent to the gross product of some countries, whether Qualcomm or the major beautiful chip enterprises, due to poor market conditions, resulting in poor annual sales, coupled with the beautiful country's restrictions on our chip industry, resulting in beautiful chip enterprises can not freely ship, which further causes them to become worse, especially the rapid decline in product shipments. Used to sell very good beautiful chips, also suddenly become no one to buy.

Indeed, for example, some chip enterprises originally sold 90 yuan of chips, and finally sold to 10 yuan are not sold out, it is because of this, in order to solve the beautiful chip can not sell out of the embarrassing situation, beautiful chip giants have defected, since can not prevent beautiful country hateful behavior, then can only find ways to avoid the ban of beautiful country, For example, in order to better ship chips to China, Nvidia replaced the banned A800 chip with A100 chip. According to the original chip rules, Nvidia is not allowed to sell high-end chips to China, and A100 chip just does not belong to this scope. However, the performance and stability of A100 chip, It is also similar to the A800 chip, so Nvidia believes Chinese chipmakers should buy it.

Not only that, even beautiful country EDA software giants, also began to learn Nvidia's approach, ready to provide a special version of EDA software to domestic manufacturers, that is to say beautiful country banned beautiful country EDA software, but there is no limit to the special version of the software, beautiful country EDA software giants want to through this way, to maintain cooperation with our domestic manufacturers, In particular, Micron, Qualcomm, ADM and other chip giants, also accelerated the shipment to our market, they want to do everything to cooperate with our market, which means that no one is willing to give up our market, but let them absolutely did not think that although beautiful country chip companies, but our attitude has changed, even have no intention to maintain cooperation with them.

Us chip companies are not allowed to sell high-end chips to China, but also not allowed to sell related chip manufacturing equipment, even software design and chip related technology, beautiful country does not allow US manufacturers to provide, beautiful country those giants in order not to lose our market, it can be said that with a great deal of effort, but China also in order to get rid of the dependence on beautiful country technology, Domestic manufacturers have reduced the demand for imported chips, because only by using more domestic chips, can we avoid being in a passive situation again. That is to say, even if the chip companies in beautiful China have the intention, but there is nothing we can do about it. In this regard, many netizens said, who wants you to live in beautiful China?

Indeed, if continue to maintain cooperation with foreign manufacturers, then beautiful country is bound to further make more restrictions, it can be said that this is no good to anyone, whether for beautiful country chip enterprises, or for our chip industry, will let the efforts of both sides in vain, it has to be said that our domestic manufacturers have a prescient, Already see through the future development trend, that is, only master the core technology of independent research and development, only own excellent technical strength, can have an absolute voice in the semiconductor field, especially now we can no longer be controlled by others, we should constantly meet the domestic demand, through self-development to open a world, only in this way domestic chip technology will improve, The technology level of semiconductor equipment will increase, and domestic manufacturers will be able to build chips that do not require beautiful Chinese technology, rather than relying on beautiful Chinese technology all the time. What do you think of that? Let us know in the comments section.

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